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A banner network with permanent banner links to reach millions for free

Much more than banner networks & website promotion on main page

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Easy to join. Reach millions without spam simply by displaying 7 banners on your site.

So what is the difference between this and almost all the other Advertising

This system has an advantage in that:

1. There is few restrictions and no forms to fill out, hence it saves you many hours going to place your banner on several sites.

2.  You get your banner permanently and continually displayed on other people sites so, for an example if your banner was displayed on 100 000 sites the amount of people that could see your banner would be that figure multiplied by the average number of visitors to each site. In the example even if each page displaying your banner only had an average of only 100 visitors per month that would mean 100 x 100 000 or 10 000 000 people could see your banner in that time.

3. You don't need to display a lot of banners on your site. You only need to put the 7 on one page which will enable your pages to load fast and they won't be cluttered with unnecessary advertising. Even if your only display them on one page it may be enough if you direct people to this amazing opportunity.

4. You have a choice of what banners appear on your site. If you are not happy with any banners seen on the site you join, you do not have to include them. You can replace them with a reputable companies or friends banner. This will help stamp out offensive and fraudulent business.

5. You can have any size banner you wish.

This is an example of how it works.

The 7 banners should be easily copied on to your site when you upload a copy of this page. Remove the one at the end of the list. Then you would place yours on top. Even if only 20 people join you and do the same thing off your site they could find 20 people each. This would give your 400 (20 x 20) people permanently displaying  your banner in second position on the list and if 100 people per month on the average visited all those sites than 40000 (400 x 100) people per month may see your banner. If those 400 people each found 20 people now 6000 (400 x 20 ) people would permanently display your banner in third position and 600 000 (6000 x 100) per month could see your banner.

If the 6 000 people found 20 people than 120 000 people would permanently display your banner and 12 000 000 people per month could see your banner in fourth position.

If the 120 000 people found 20 people than 2 400 000 people would permanently display your banner and 240 000 000 people per month could see your banner in fourth position.

How many people theoretically could see it if it reaches 7 th position?

Everyone on the internet may see it before this stage and don't forget how fast the internet is growing.


Copy this information on to your site and direct as many people to see it as possible. On this page you can remove links to this domains main page and put links to your main page instead. Use the banner or text link at the bottom of this page preferably on your front page to promote it. Upload the banner image on to your server and put it on a prominent position on your page if you use the banner. Link the banner or text link to this information on your site.

You can then upload this page or information on to your site. Also copy and upload the page with the 7 banners on to your site and upload the top 6 images. All you have to do is put  your banner on top and remove the banner in 7th position.

Promote by many ways such as search engines, mailing lists, banners, free ads, and news letters and ezines to mention just a few possibilities. Only send information to people who want it such as opt in emailing lists. Do not send unsolicited spam. If you know anyone who is spamming to promote this network please report them. The person in breach of this term is responsible for their own actions, and not other members or other people with banners on the network.

You can quit or withdraw any banner at any time.

It is very easy to join.  There are no forms to fill out and the only restriction is we discourage fraudulent business, adult sites  and spammers from joining. Anyone has the right and is encouraged to remove such organizations from their site.

If you are a member or intend to become a member or reseller yourself of any organizations on the network you have the right to change to link URL to yours.

Now you have a free way to show your message to everyone in the world.

We are not responsible for these sites and do not endorse them or necessarily agree with them.


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