Electronics Projects that Could Benefit Many People

Also other unrelated plans projects and websites with solutions to help people

Solutions and warnings about our problems.

Help is needed to make or set up these projects

Do you know of anyone that could help me make up some electronic circuits or kits?  Some of them are for community projects and new inventions that would benefit many people.  People would not have to spend much time or work on an entire project.  Even a few suggestions would be appreciated.  I am willing to pay people for their help.  I also need help to share leaflets, emails or social media messages about this subject and I could send them to you.

Below are some of the projects.

To search for and make free or more cost effective energy generators and to find people that have successfully made them so they can help us build them.  Reputable people claim and give examples of many systems that are much more cost effective than widely known systems, yet they were suppressed by those with vested interests in current technology.  I have plans from a researcher that has exposed false claims but listed ones that reputable people claim to work.  Some of them are very simple to make and test.  If we can develop free or more cost effective energy generators, it would help many poor people with their electricity bills.  Even if a suggested design does not produce free or more cost effective energy, we could still learn a lot and it would be very interesting to measure the results.  If this is the case, we could also inform those promoting a particular system of the results or mention online that the system is not recommended.  We could also make a Youtube video.   

To develop or find a pollution or dust sensor alarm to alert people when there are pollutants like dust or smoke in the air outside so that they can shut windows, remove washing from the clothes line or take other precautions.  This would enable people to shut the windows before the pollution gets inside their house.  Many of these pollutants are very toxic and harmful to health so advanced warning would be very useful.  Such a system could also save the lives of people with asthma. 

To develop or find an affordable but accurate oxygen or carbon dioxide sensor to determine its percentage in our houses to enable us to know if there is enough fresh air inside.  

To develop or find an affordable wireless transmitter switching system capable of transmitting to switch a device hundreds of meters away. One use would be for a water saving irrigation sensor out in the field to transmit back to a solenoid or pump to start irrigation.  Another one of many possible uses would be for the transmitter to be connected to a rain sensor circuit that could be positioned in the direction where most precipitation comes from.  This would alert people when it is about to rain or drizzle.  Interested people could have a receiver that buzzes when the sensor becomes wet due to rain or drizzle.  There could be a different sounding buzz when the rain stops. 

To set up a network of weather stations with advantages over commonly used ones.  Very accurate sensors can be interfaced to computers to enable automatic collection of data.  The low cost system should enable more accurate and reliable data than most home weather stations.  It would also be presented better in easy reading and detailed graphs and tables that could also archive data for years. Currently, there are very few weather stations around.  Weather and climate does vary a lot in a small area. Therefore, we are not getting a very good picture of what is happening at the moment.  More weather stations would also help with forecasting.  Those interested could also work together to analyse the data and do more local forecasts which should be much better than the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) forecasts for the local areas in Queensland.  This is because the Queeensland BOM forecasts are issued from Brisbane and not from people with a local knowledge.  It is probably a similar case in most other states and countries as well where forecasts by national weather services are issued only by those in the capital cities and not from local people. We could do local forecasts from not only the data collected from the local weather stations, but also use the data and forecasts from the BOM.  The weather.org.au has links to many weather websites and will soon automatically upload local data again. Past records are wanted, especially of extreme weather.

 A network of automatic time lapse cameras is planned that produce better quality images than most web cameras.  The aim is to install them in elevated locations with very good views.  They could be all sky cameras or rotate 360 degrees. This will also help weather observation and forecasting and provide tourists with beautiful views and conditions in the area.   

 Drones are planned to go high into the atmosphere to collect weather data and capture fantastic images that could be viewed on the internet.  This should help forecasting because records of weather in the upper atmosphere are very important. Currently, it is only rarely collected as weather balloons are not launched in many places and only done so rarely.  These images would also help tourism by showing our areas with the best views around the world.

Other projects to benifit many people

I also have many other projects and nonprofit groups that I am trying to establish to help many people.  In addition, there are separate websites with rare information, solutions and inventions.  I have separate leaflets, emails or social media messages that I have written which focus on each topic separately.  Are you able to share any of them or do you know anyone that can help?  An overview summary of the different projects is at truesolutions.info .

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