An oxygen sensor to determine the level of oxygen in the house to enable us to know if there is enough fresh air inside.


Do you know of an oxygen sensor that is sensitive enough to be able to detect the difference in the level of oxygen between when windows in the house are open and when they are closed? It would be good to be able to measure the level of oxygen in the house to make sure that we are getting enough air. I could buy the sensor and perhaps use a volt meter to measure the reading and then from that I could calculate the level of oxygen in the air.


It is likely that long term health affects or death can result from a lack of oxygen inside your house. It stands to reason that this would have to be the case, because people die more quickly from a lack of oxygen than anything else. So a below average amount of oxygen intake and fresh air over a long period should have detrimental health affects in a similar manner to having a poor diet. Please see and

In a home with a lack of oxygen or adequate ventilation there would also be a greater percentage of pollutants in the air because they would not be able to escape as easily. So an oxygen sensor could give an indication of the quality of the air. There are other sensors available that measure pollution as well, and these could be very useful if they could be wired up in a circuit to measure pollution levels.

I do have an oxygen sensor that I ordered some time back. However, I cannot notice much difference in the readings. It may need some electronics adapted to it to amplify the readings.

Any help to make this up for either this sensor or another one would be appreciated.


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