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Question 1
Why is it if God loves us and wants the best for us, that people are not given the opportunity to succeed so they can do his will and praise him? If the unsuccessful majority were only given the opportunity, many more may turn to and praise God, giving testimonies how good God is and lead people to God. Surely this is a positive outcome for those who love him and must be what God wants as it would draw people closer in praise and worship and thanksgiving. Why is the opposite the case for many Christians, a life of frustration, sickness and failure where people are disappointed and angry with God ?

Question 2
Only around 5% of small businesses succeed. The figure is even less for inventors with great ideas that could benefit the world enormously.
References to this fact are at:
The overwhelming majority therefore lose money and go bankrupt as a reward!? for working hard, being honest and clever. It is usually not the good people and hard workers with the most potential who are rewarded yet bad and lazy people can prosper. Often one Christian may lose, yet the other one who is no closer to God, may be given more opportunity. Why is this, given that you need to succeed to do Gods will, for example he wants us to help others, tithe, use our talents, support yourself without relying on government, or others?

Question 3
Why is the world structured, so to succeed and do Gods will, you have to be lucky enough to make money, yet many think money is evil. Even most Christians will knock a person who works harder than they do, if they are not making as much money as them. The harder, unsuccessful worker, typically an honest businessman is often more clever and has more potential then the knocking worker employed and working for a boss, yet the poor unsuccessful hard worker is not helped, paid and encouraged. No wonder so many great enterprises that could change the world for the better go under and the poor people become bitter, not because it was their own fault, but instead this unfair world who denied them the right to use their talents which God gave them to use. Many people want to do Gods will but are denied the right to do so. For example a business that tries hard intends to serve God by sharing the message with their customers and visitors, but the business fails, not due to the poor owner's fault but due to circumstances beyond the poor owner's control. The problem is it takes too long to do anything you plan and time is running out. The only way to have a chance to complete and succeed in a task such as a business is to spend full time, over 100 hours a week which would allow you to do nothing else. The deception is, you don't realize this when you begin a plan, even if you seek God. It seems most are denied the right to serve God, not due to their fault and there is nothing they can do about it! You can only try so hard and do so much in the available time. Why does God allow these things above to happen?

Question 4
The risk of staying alive is that we will be led (after seeking God) and advised to do things that anyone would think would help people and be Gods will.  But we are unaware of and find later to our disappointment that there are so many hidden catches, holdups and things we have to learn that we did not think would be the case in order to hopefully complete our task to do Gods will.  As a result most fail, and instead of helping people and God like they had planned, these hard triers are only a burden and hindrance to other people if they choose to go on. I thought God wants us to do is will which is for us to help others and lead people to God, but it appears in reality that the opposite is the case. People have plans to do his will, but often they need other people to help them to get started and keep going, before they can reach the stage where they can do Gods will and help others. The problems their plan would cause were not expected in the beginning and were unforeseen circumstances beyond their control. Their unsuccessful plan to do God's work instead took other peoples time and made other people think of them as a nuisance.
On the other side even if someone gets employed to work for a boss, all they are doing is keeping some other hard trier out of a job,  just so they can pay their bills and stay alive.  People who work are mostly short of money and time to do Gods will because the worlds system has made it almost impossible for the honest trier to do Gods will even if they want to.
There are also many people who would do God's will if given the chance to accomplish their plans, but they need care either from institutions or from family and friends who have to look after them. Often the career's don't get any money or satisfaction for caring for people. It is often a full time and hard job for the career's to care for their family members with career's hoping things will improve and often they don't. I feel sorry for poor people like that. The people who need the care, who have been denied the right to do the good things for God which they had planned, may be sorry they were even born and could regret they did not commit suicide, so other people including the ones who cared for them would have been better off. They only went on hoping things would get better and that they could return the favor to their career's.
The world is also over populated and there is not enough to go around. As most people including honest Christians fail, and because of the above reasons, wouldn't we be better off and more loving, supporting euthanasia and suicide and not having children at all, in order to save poor souls and our economy from suffering and going backwards in this unfair world?

Question 5
If God loves us and wants the best for us, why did he allow the devil the chance to continue for thousands of years and deceive the world, where he can capture innocent victims, who it appears are not given a fair chance and little time?  People who could do good for God often die early and most predictions indicate that doomsday and the end of our lives are coming very soon, probably within the next few years. Many indicate 1999.  Why aren't we given a chance to do Gods will, yet the devil is given heaps of time to destroy people and prevent them turning to God.
Surely God could have ended the devil before he destroyed his world. Why did he allow the above happen?

Question 6
The only explanation I have for the above which I hope is correct is that God blesses hard working failures (who intended to use the result to do good and who have given their life to him) in heaven. These honest people, to whom failure was not their fault, should be blessed in heaven more than the other Christians who were given the satisfaction on earth. Could this be so? If it is not how can God be fair?

Question 7
The only problem with this, is that I have heard that what you get in heaven depends on how well you pleased God on earth. If you were denied the right to please God by failing, not due to your fault as explained above, how can this be so?

Question 8
Why didn't God end everything long ago to prevent the majority being lost to hell and failing, and instead start again?

Question 9
How did God come into being in the first place?

Question 10
Do you believe people burn in hell and are tormented forever, when Sodom and Gomorra was destroyed by everlasting fire and it ceased burning?

Question 11
Many people may also go to hell not due to their own fault, but because they were mislead and became disillusioned with God for the above reasons and confusion. People are weak, and our psychological emotions are hard to control. We are born like this, which is not our fault. When things don't go well we lose interest, give up, blame others, and think bad and negative thoughts. If we are not given an opportunity to succeed it is very hard to be mentally tough enough to serve God, but if we are lucky enough to succeed and get encouragement we would find it easier to praise him.  An example could be, that someone may not repent of their sins, as they are confused in their hard life. They would like to follow God more closely and repent, but they may not be sure what is their fault. They could easily think it is either their illness, bad luck, bankruptcy, other fraudulent people or many other reasons that prevent them from doing what God wants. Why should these poor victims suffer when if they were only blessed, they may have the revelation God loved them, and turn to him? Could people go to hell when it was not their fault?

Question 12
How do we know if we or anyone is going to heaven or not?  People don't do what God wants even though many would want to. It is often not their fault as explained.  Considering this and the question above what is the cut off point where someone goes to heaven or hell?

Question 13
How do we know what God wants us to do for work, careers, a living etc.?  Even many strong Christians who claim they are being led by God appear to waste their time and are not successful. Also strong Christians and different churches who believe in the same basic Christian message disagree on important points such as, one believes in speaking in tongues and baptism of the Holy Spirit, while another believes it is of the devil. Why doesn't God tell us more clearly what he wants because he supposed to love us and wants us to do his will?

Question 14
I along with most other people believed positive thinking to be good. Have a go and you can do it is what is widely accepted. But is this correct given that statistics indicate that mostly people who work the hardest, and cleverest with positive plans (thought by most to be good) lose the most and than afterwards are frowned upon by many.
I know many fraudulent and greedy businesses are losing and causing our economic problems but many good and honest ones go broke to as a reward for having a go and trying to improve the world. Inventors are a typical example, where only between around .03 and 4% succeed, and many lose enormous sums of money, all for trying to do someone and the world a good cause. Should people be positive, go on, and keep trying despite the chances, are that they will lose and send the world further into debt?

Question 15 
What percentage of honest true Christians fail in any of the these ways?
Question 16 
Whose fault is the following. For example someone such as a poor trier is lead into an honest business or career which could benefit others greatly, where they tried hard and honestly, and intended to serve God with the blessings He would give which they assumed would be the case, as this is what they were taught at church.  This poor trier even intended to promote and share Christianity in their business. But the poor trier and his/her venture failed and as a result they never had contacts come to them so they could share the Christian message. Both the poor trier and the ones who mislead him/her would blame the world system for deceiving them, as we all need money to survive. It appears that the poor trier who failed is least at fault, as his family, friends and the world pressurized him into supporting himself, and the Church deceived him by saying he would be blessed by God, but instead he and everyone ended up worse off as a result. The devil or a person who abused the poor trier should take the blame. But then the person who abused another may argue it is the devil, as I have heard even murderers say "It was not me who did this." Then sometimes they are sorry afterwards.  The temptation is to blame God, who is supposed to be in full control, as he allowed the devil to continue and allowed these things to happen. We have heard that God can do anything as he is above all, so many may assume this is the case and don't get saved.  I suppose many would be right in saying "If only we knew clearly what God wanted us to do. We tried to find out by seeking God and going to church, but obviously things went wrong, and it became psychologically difficult to press in and praise God the way we wanted, because of the way we humans are created. It is almost impossible for weak humans the way we are made, to not become discouraged when things go wrong and as a result we don't serve God the way we would like." I have heard we should not insult a righteous God.  Can you solve the above puzzle and determine whose fault it is and why? You may also refer back to your previous answers.

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