How the self   

watering system works


The pots contain durable wicks protruding out of the drainage holes.  These wicks hang into a tray of water. They absorb water and draw it up into the pot.  Depending on the size of the pot,  the water level can be about an inch (25) above the base of the pot. However, if it drops about 3 inches (75mm) below the base of the pot, the wicks should still enable sufficient moisture to be provided to the soil. The water in the tray therefore does not have to be replaced often, and this saves a lot of time and maintainance which would otherwise be required without this system.

The pot can stand on something like an empty planter pot. However, I have made up stands that fit each pot. They are shown below.


The photos below show how the pots look when they are not on the stand nor in the flower buckets.

They are then mounted on  the stands as shown below.

The pots and stands are then placed in the flower bucket as shown below.

A stand is not needed if two or more pots can jam into the flower bucket. A number of combinations are possible and three of them are shown below.


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