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There are Simple Solutions to our Problems,
which could bring Much More Efficiency and Joy!
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Solutions and warnings about our problems.

These sites contain suppressed information that is rarely seen.
They have information which is easy to read that is summarised with references proving these facts.
They have the solutions, but some also warn us of the dangers.
They have a wide variety of totally different sites, so there is something for everybody.

The separate websites and groups include:

 A group to search for extraordinary people, ideas, products and inventions that are significantly better than those widely known or available. Many superior inventions and discoveries have been suppressed. To help us achieve this, we could share a letter. The letter also gives a more detailed summary of the below.  More info.

 A society to help inventors. We need to find or form a data base of honest manufacturers, investors and distributors that could help inventors. More info.

 Improve your memory. Do diets, prayers or training techniques work? Are you developing dementia or Alzheimer's disease? The aim is to find what can noticeably improve our memory. The site has a memory test. More info.

 A weather organization to record and share data, improve forecasting and to provide people with weather instruments, so that recording is done in more areas. The website automatically uploads local data and has links to many sites. Past records are wanted, especially of extreme weather. More info. 

Astronomy Explained. Easily understood summary of important things about astronomy including how the Sun, Moon, stars and planets, appear to move. Tips on how to identify stars. Viewing nights are planned on the Tablelands and in Cairns  More info. 

 New ideas to restore democracy and prosperity to the country. Innovative win-win ideas and policies not often thought of, that can solve our problems. Solutions to help the economy, environment, poverty and much more. An alliance of quality independent candidates that agree on good core issues could be formed where the candidates could still have their own policies to serve their electorate. More info.

 True conspiracies and solutions on how to avoid them. A plan for a better system that is more efficient and enjoyable. More info.

 A group to search for people who can produce the evidence that they are supernaturally led by God in practical ways, and that their prayers make a noticeable difference. If we could find them, they could help us, pray for us and lead us to the truth. Then we could more affectively serve God and assist people.
Also information on: True Christianity; Suppressed truths which are vital to know and are not taught in churches; Ways to bring revival; Prophecy; Widespread deceptions.  More info.

 Many practical inventions that save time and money and have huge advantages over competing systems. They include:
* Water saving irrigation sensors.
* Super light tents with a unique heat retaining option.
* Backpack and seat frames that cool ones back.
* Weather instruments.
* Simple low cost spirit level surveying tools.
* Rapid tab index systems that attach to existing books.  More info. 

  Carnivorous plants for sale with a self watering wick system for easy care. The plants have beautiful leaves and flowers. They make ideal gifts and eat pests. There is a wide range.  More info. 

 Information on Tolga in North Queensland, Australia. - a picturesque area.  More info.

 Short autobiography. More info.

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