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Please help me establish any of the below, even if it is only by sharing a few leaflets, emails or
 social media messages that I could send you which only focus on the topics that you are interested in.  
Please also inform me of
anything or anyone that I am seeking or who could be interested.

  A group to search for extraordinary people, ideas, products and inventions that are significantly better than those widely known or available.  Many superior inventions and discoveries have been suppressed.   To help us achieve this, we could share a letter or social media messages. The letter also gives a more detailed summary of the below.  More info.

  A society to help inventors.  The aim is to form and find data bases of honest manufacturers, investors and distributors that could help inventors.  These could be combined to form a large database.  Not being able to find people to help is a major reason why most inventors with good ideas fail.  As a result, great technology is lost which could otherwise generate billions of dollars and solve many of our problems.  A solution is finding or forming this database and also to find good companies and organisations that can help link inventors with those on the database.  
    The other thing that is needed is for the government to subsidise workers so that they can economically work for good inventors and startup companies. This should mainly apply to ones that are not making a profit but have good practical ideas with potential.  This would save these inventors and startups paying the crippling cost of the full award wage.  
If an inventor or startup company profits well, they can help fund those who helped them. They could also possibly generate billions of dollars for the country.   More info.

  Improve your memory.  Do diets, prayers or training techniques work?  Are you developing dementia or Alzheimer's disease?  The aim is to find what can noticeably improve our memory.  The site has a memory test. More info.

  A weather organization and camera network to record and share data, improve forecasting and to provide people with weather instruments, so that recording is done in more areas.  Weather stations are planned that produce more accurate, reliable and better displayed online data than what is seen on most home weather stations.  However, the system should still be low cost.  
    A network of automatic time lapse cameras is planned that produce better quality images than most web cameras and installed in elevated locations with very good views. This should enable more detailed observation of clouds and visibility.
    Drones are planned to go high into the atmosphere to collect weather data and capture fantastic images that could be viewed on the internet.  This could dramatically improve forecasting because records of weather in the upper atmosphere are very important. Currently, it is only rarely collected as weather balloons are not launched in many places and only done so rarely. 
    These images would also help tourism by showing our areas with the best views around the world. People are needed to help find and set up the equipment.

   Those interested could also work together to analyse the data and do more local forecasts which could be much more accurate and detailed than what is currently available.

    The website has links to many weather websites and will soon automatically upload local data again.
Past records are wanted, especially of extreme weather. More info. 

  A car ride sharing network that connects people together if they are going to similar locations.  If they can share transport, it could therefore work very efficiently.  Passengers can help drivers by alerting them to hazards, navigating, talking about interesting things where appropriate and paying for fuel. The network could also be used to deliver parcels very efficiently as it could link a driver to someone that needs to deliver something to where the driver is going.   More info. 

  Astronomy Explained.  Easily understood summary of important things about astronomy including how the Sun, Moon, stars and planets, appear to move. Tips on how to identify stars. Viewing nights are planned on the Atherton Tablelands and in Cairns  More info. 

  New ideas to restore democracy and prosperity to the country. Innovative win-win ideas and policies not often thought of, that can solve our problems.  Solutions to help the economy, environment, poverty and much more.  An alliance of quality independent candidates that agree on good core issues could be formed where the candidates could still have their own policies to serve their electorate. More info.

  True conspiracies and solutions on how to avoid them.  A plan for a better system that is more efficient and enjoyable. More info.

  A group to search for people who can produce the evidence that they are supernaturally led by God in practical ways, and that their prayers make a noticeable and measurable difference like explained on the link below.  Do you know of anyone?  If we could find them, they could help us, pray for us and lead us to the truth. Then we could more affectively serve God and assist people.
Also information on: True Christianity; Suppressed truths which are vital to know and are not taught in churches; Ways to bring revival; Prophecy; Widespread deceptions.  More info.

  Many practical inventions that save time and money and have huge advantages over competing systems.  I am seeking people to help manufacture and market them. 
Quality prototypes are currently available that I want people to try.  Do you know of anyone that can help?  The inventions include: 
* An accurate rain gauge that is fast and simple to empty and can easily be read many meters away.
* Water saving irrigation sensor system that prevents unnecessary irrigation and provides the optimum amount of water for plants or crops to help them grow better.
*  Possibly, the world's lightest tents with a simple unique heat retaining option like a greenhouse while allowing fresh air to your head.  They can also be fully ventilated to provide more air and cooling than other tents when needed.
*  Backpack and seat frames that ventilate and cool ones back.
*  Simple low cost spirit level with an added feature to determine a distant point that is horizontal to your eye.
*  Hanging weather instrument shelter.  Very easily installed and enables accurately recording temperature and humidity.
*  Tab index systems that attach to existing books and enable finding a word or scripture in seconds. They are also for people with existing tabs as they are meant to work together with them.
*  Soap holder to drain your soap without it dripping on your bench.  

  More info. 

  Electronic innovations that I need help to build which would benefit many people.  They include:
1. more cost effective energy generators.
2. low cost pollution sensors that alert you to shut your windows.
3. rain and drizzle sensors with alarms.
4. remote switching transmitters.  
5. equipment for the weather network explained above.
More info. 

  Carnivorous plants for sale with a self watering wick system for easy care. The plants have beautiful leaves and flowers. They make ideal gifts and eat pests. There is a wide range.  I am seeking people to sell them for a commission if they prefer that.  No long term contracts are required and they can be casually sold in places like markets, store fronts or online.  More info. 

  Information on Tolga in North Queensland, Australia. - a picturesque area.  More info.

 Short autobiography.  More info.

Help Needed
I have separate leaflets, emails or social media messages that I have written which focus on each topic separately.  Are you able to share any of them or do you know anyone that can help?  Please inform me what you are interested in and give feedback. Do you know of anything or anyone that I am seeking in any of the above topics?  Help is also needed to set up or fund some of these projects.

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