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Carnivorous plants

Simple new Self Watering wick system means

Easy Care.

Less risk of plant drying out.  Optimum growth.  

If your plant doesn’t thrive, you get one free.


Plants Eat Pests


Carnivorous plants are a useful pest control and they gain interest from children who may then become interested in growing plants. They also produce beautiful leaves and flowers.


I am growing a range of carnivorous plants and can either sell them wholesale or retail either to the local area or elsewhere by mail order. They include sundews (Drosera), Venus Fly Traps and pitcher plants (Nepenthes and Sarracenia).  I plan to use any profits to fund projects to benefit communities. It would be appreciated if you could ask some people if they are interested or share an email or print out that I could send you. I could pay a commission to people who promote the plants and send me referrals.


My plants have an advantage over others that you buy because in the base of the pot I have inserted a unique self watering wick system that means easy care which saves you time. It provides the correct level of water to enable optimum growth. It reduces the risk of the plants drying out and dying. With this system, I am so confident that your plant will thrive and live for a long time, that if it does not, I will give you a free bare rooted plant (probably a sundew) to plant back in your self watering pot. The plants can stand on top of an empty planter pot or rack in a tray of water with the wicks hanging down into the water. Alternatively, I can provide a special stand and tray. If the water level drops below the level of the bottom of the pot, the capillary wicks draw up water to keep the soil moist. Commercial capillary matting is used that should last for years.


Worldwide Weather Organisation More information about how the wick system works and photos are found here.

Worldwide Weather Organisation Prices and information about the optional flower bucket and stand is placed on a sign where the plants are displayed.  It can be seen  here.


Plants are labeled with both their scientific and common names. There is also a small coded label to enable you to determine the full hybrid or species name.

I also provide pots, trays, wicks, capillary matting, potting mix and can even repot your plants. 

Please see the photos of my plants. A wide variety are available including:

Worldwide Weather Organisation Trumpet pitcher plants or Sarracenia.

Worldwide Weather Organisation Sundews or Drosera.

Worldwide Weather Organisation Venus Fly Traps or Dionaea muscipula.

Tropical Pitcher Plants or Nepenthes.

carnivorous plantsThe plants can be easily grown as explained here.

Wild carnivorous plants on the Atherton Tablelands near Cairns

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If you are interested in any of these topics, I could send you letters to share relating to any of my separate websites. Please let me know of anyone that can help with these plans. It would be good to get people in the community to help with these things as they could help others greatly and create many jobs.

For more information, please contact me.


Click here for a printer friendly promotional page to share. I can also give you a number of print outs.


A page including the instructions to grow the plants can be found here. This should be supplied when the plants is sold.

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