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Many inventors that could revolutionize society have been suppressed because of a lack of support from investors and the government. If the problem was addressed many of problems that the country has would be solved. Almost every problem has a solution and solutions to most problems have been invented. But the ideas have not been able to get off the ground. This is despite the fact that many of the inventions were good products that worked well and were economically reliable.

We need a group of honest people that can work together to form a list of reputable companies and organizations that can assist inventors. What is needed is a list of companies around the world that are proven to be honest and can assist by funding, manufacturing and marketing inventions. Email contacts and the name of the person that the email would reach would be preferable. If such a data base could be found or formed, it would save inventors an enormous amount of time and money searching for companies and investors. The problem is that most companies and investors are not interested, and many of them are fraudulent. Not being able to find someone to help them, is one of the main reasons why most inventors cannot commercialize their products. As a result, many great inventions with huge potential are not getting commercialized, or are going off shore. Therefore, the country is missing out on billions of dollars, and technology that could solve many problems. Such a data base would help solve the problem. We could form a group to help form a data base and search for people who have one.

The motive should not be to make money, get rich or hide ideas from people who can help. This is suppressing ideas and causing manufacturers and investors to lose interest in inventions because they cannot easily get enough information. The motive should be to share and provide good products and services to the community to assist humanity. Practical beneficial products and services to help people and the country should be focused on instead of ones that corrupt society.

The new society could work together with existing inventors associations, or perhaps even become one of their branches. Alternatively, no new society may be needed if an existing society could implement these ideas and grow. I would be willing to work with and share my ideas with an existing society if people prefer that. We need to encourage the existing inventorís associations to work together and share resources.

Members in the society could be encouraged to raise money by many means. Not only will this benefit the society, as a whole, but active members attempting to raise money or assist the society could also receive a personal bonus to give members an incentive to assist. The more bonus points an inventor receives, the more the society would freely assist them, such as, by promoting their products. Bonuses could also available for finding other members.

Membership could be free for people who are not well off. If people receiving bonuses earn sufficient money, at a later date it may be expected that they donate some money back.

Changes to the above plan will be considered. I appreciate any suggestions.

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