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I read this interesting letter with solutions. It is well worth reading.


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I am Richard Hole and am an inventor with a plan that should dramatically increase the chances of inventors finding people to help them.

It would be good to be able to work together and gather a database of honest companies, investors and organisations that can help inventors. There may be many databases of reputable people who are interested in new ideas. We need someone to help find them by possibly sharing a leaflet or letter with their emailing list. The small databases could then be combined to form a large database. It would be good to also have someone fund some advertising to help us.

A database would save inventors an enormous amount of time and money searching for companies and investors. The problem is that most companies and investors are either not interested or are unable to market or manufacture a new invention. Many are also fraudulent. Not being able to find someone to help them is one of the main reasons why most inventors cannot commercialize their products. As a result, great inventions are not getting commercialized, and the country is missing out on billions of dollars and technology that could solve many problems. This plan could solve these problems, boost the economy and create many jobs. We could form a group to help form or find a database.

The government needs to direct more funding to help inventors, because if they do, the inventions that could be produced in our country would more than pay back the cost of the initial funding. It would be worth lobbying the government to support inventors and develop a database.

On my website I have plans for a new inventor's assistance society with new ideas to help inventors. The new society could work together with existing inventors associations or perhaps even become one of their branches. Alternatively, a new society may not be needed and I would be willing to share my ideas with an existing society if people prefer that.

I also have other websites relating to separate topics, free groups, ideas and rare information to help people. They are briefly summarised at http://TrueSolutions.info . They include plans for groups to research and compile a list of the best products, services and ideas including ones that have been suppressed. We plan to form or find databases of the best: 1. reputable companies 2. forms of promotion 3. concise summaries of important information 4. people willing to support worthy projects. There is also: 1. a weather network to provide information. 2. a memory test and plans to find what will improve your memory. 3. new ideas to restore democracy and prosperity to the country. 4. a group to search for people whose prayers make a noticeable difference. They could help and pray for us and lead us to the truth. 5. a group to search for and research suppressed inventions that are claimed to be much better than well known products. If you are interested, I could send you letters to share relating to any of my separate websites. Please let me know of anyone that can help with these plans.

I have many inventions with huge advantages over competing systems. I plan to use any profits to fund these plans that would help inventors. My inventions include: 1. A water saving irrigation sensor that automatically overrides existing systems such as computer timers when irrigation is unnecessary. 2. Super light tents with a revolutionary heat retaining option. 3. Backpack and seat frames that cool ones back by air circulation. 4. A hanging weather instrument shelter that provides more accurate screen temperature readings and is simpler to install and than other shelters. 5. Tab index systems that attach to existing books and enable finding a word or scripture in seconds. They are also for people with existing tabs as they are meant to work together with them. 6. Other inventions are also on my website. There is more information and photos at http://advantagein.com . Free papers are also available.

Please share this letter with appropriate people and contact me for more copies. If you know of any others doing similar things, please let me know their contact details as I would be happy to work with them. I would appreciate your feedback and help to find sponsors.

Your help would be appreciated,
Regards Richard Hole


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