How to Get More out of What you Read and Remember it Better.

I find a good way to remember information is to copy all the text in someone's article and then paste it into my email window, or a Microsoft Word document. This is simply done by pressing CTRL+A to highlight all the text in the document. Then you can press CTRL+C to copy it. Then you click on the document you want to paste the text into and press CTRL+V to paste.

In the new file I have pasted the information into, permanently highlight sections I want to go back to for future reference. This helps me to skim-read the highlighted areas in the future, and remember the most important parts. It should also help you when reading documents. Also, while reading the document, I make comments inside their text and suggest ideas, or changes to their English, typing or content. I then send the author's file back to them with the highlighting, corrections and comments. If you can help in a similar manner with these sites, it will be much appreciated. It seems there is always room for improvement, no matter how well written, proofread and thought about an article is.

If you add a number of suggestions, changes, or corrections, you do not need to go to the trouble of highlighting or emphasizing what you have added. You can just simply type your recommended change in the appropriate place. This is because in Microsoft Word there is a facility where I can compare my original document to what you have edited and the changes are highlighted.

However, there is a useful feature in Microsoft Word that colours any changes you add to the document in red. It is simply done by clicking "Tools" and then "Track Changes".

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