Free Inventions

Why are these Valuable Products Free?
Solutions and warnings about our problems.


Due to my belief in True Christianity these items have only very recently been FREE even though they are of high quality and worth a considerable amount of money. I have left my original ordering system there to show you how I used to operate and also to give you an idea of these products value. You can still use my original method if you want, but I would much prefer you to read below.

It is up to you how much you contribute. If you have adequate finances any donation will be appreciated. This will help me help the poor and preach the gospel. The more you give the more I can do it. If you do not have finances the products can be obtained freely as described below.

This is a positive plan, which could form a great move of God where many people could be so much better off. I know of a better and much more efficient system that can easily be implemented for a group so we don't have to be conformed to the corrupt mainstream system.

I believe it is only right to help poor people and expose beneficial products so people and society can benefit. Placing dollar Signs in front of products suppresses them considerably so that few people benefit, and the poor miss out. I am not considered wealthy, but instead am restricted by my lack of money.

Doing God's will by following the practices of Jesus and the original Apostles is what I am now trying. They shared and spent time and money doing God's will, not on unnecessary or worldly things. Therefore all had enough and those with wealth shared with those in need. All of them worked hard by doing God's will, which is helping those in need and spreading or aiding the spreading of the gospel. True Christianity is about seeking God, and a desire to share and help others. It is about trusting that God will provide what you need. It is about following God no matter what, and even, if necessary dying because of your testimony. Giving and sharing with others creates love between people and they desire to give back. Even if they don't give, God will still bless the giver and judge each one accordingly. Showing generous love can give people a strong and positive impact on their life. It is not about seeking money. One of my main concerns is for the people I love who do not follow true Christianity.

To get these products free just send me a letter with your opinion on my information and get to know me a little. You don't have to agree with everything or do anything much. I would like you to continue and read my sites and give some feedback and maybe share my information with a few others.

Make a change for the better by doing things God's way and not mans way. This report helps you to know and avoid the dangers, and to do practical things a much better and more efficient way. We could start a great new move of God with much joy, contentment, healing, prosperity & hope.

Terms and conditions

It should be noted that I am not legally bound to give anyone free products. It is based on an honour system where we can generously help each other and seek to do what God wants.

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