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You can ad or remove as many links at any time as you wish.

You can receive credit in the form of a discount at any time you purchase goods or services from this site for any amount. The credit will be in the form of a discount the equivalent of what you could claim directly in commission. If what you are entitled to in commission is greater than the credit you claim you will still be paid the difference in either commission or future credit.

Commission will be paid as soon as possible after your entitled amount is greater then $69.00 US. This figure may drop in the future. If you need payment sooner credit is a good way to claim it and enable yourself to try great products and services that will soon pay for themselves.

Advantage Innovations reserves the right to change any requirements or figures such as commission rates and prices at any time without notice but these wont be to members disadvantage.

If the customer has to return a product for a refund, your commission will be deducted from your next payment if you have been paid that amount. In the unlikely case that you can't find any more customers or don't purchase any more products you will be asked to return the amount owed back to us.

Advantage Innovations is responsible for shipping, order forms,  payment processing,  cancellations,  returns,  and related customer service.

These products or services can be marketed in any way considered responsible and appropriate such as banner advertising, ad or banner sites and networks, classified ads, links, link submission sites and ezines, provided all on the mail list are opt in. Email to opt in lists only.  Also you can place an ad on a letter which you will be emailing to someone for a different reason that is not spam. Also marketing to news and discussion groups that have requested and approved such information is an idea. Please do not spam or send email unsolicited to anyone who has not approved such information. If you do we reserve the right to terminate your membership and not pay any money to you.

A member must agree not to hold Advantage Innovations responsible for any economic loss as a result of marketing these products or any other means.

This agreement could change at anytime without notice.

Anybody can choose to cancel the agreement at any time.

We look forward to working together.

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