An Autobiography also Explaining
the Facts and a Positive Message

Solutions and warnings about our problems.



     My name is Richard Hole.  I am seeking to form a number of separate community groups to help people, and to provide a better system than the mainstream one. The following information states why I reached my conclusions. There are many methods, inventions, ideas and people out there that are extraordinary. They could help a lot of people by saving others considerable time and money, and offering them more joy and hope. Despite being much better than what is commonly known, they have been suppressed. Therefore, very few people know about them. However, a significant group could be formed to search for and research extraordinary people, along with their ideas and solutions. We would benefit greatly from this.

     I would also like to share some rare information that I have written on my websites, as they contain solutions to many of our problems. There are many websites including information on my inventions, a Christian website revealing important truths that are not taught, a weather website, a lobby group with political solutions for the country, and true conspiracies that we need to be aware of, along with the solutions.



Ideas, Solutions and Groups that we can form


     Extraordinary people would help us considerably, as their knowledge could reveal important truths and information to help us find what we need. Finding what we need to achieve our goals is about the biggest problem that we currently have. A number of separate groups could be formed to assist the community towards this goal.

     One of them could be a group to search for committed Christians who are obviously led and helped by God in practical ways. For example, God helping them find what they need, and making the correct decisions. If we can find divinely led people the benefits would be enormous, as they would be able to help, encourage and pray for us. They could teach us the truth so that we would be able to effectively serve God. Then God would hopefully help us to find what we need, resulting in fewer disappointments. We could then be able to achieve more successful results and be of greater assistance to others. Many exciting projects could be done to help the community.

     Another group could be formed to search for, research and test inventions and ideas which that have been suppressed and could have benefited many people. Many of these inventions and discoveries are claimed to be much better than what is currently available. These discoveries may not only help us, but also help other people as well. There are claims of natural drug free cures for many illnesses that are better than those widely available, and free or efficient energy systems. There are thousands of other practical ideas and inventions to save time or money.

     Ideas that could be trialed would include methods to improve the brain’s performance, such as memory and comprehension. Many people claim that ideas work. However, tests indicate that many make little difference for most people. The problem is that many people believe that things work without actually testing if they do. I have come up with a test that could be used to find something that genuinely works. It is at . If we could find something the potential would be enormous and we would be able to achieve so much more.



     I have spent a lot of my life inventing many things. However, I have found difficulty in finding people to market, manufacture or invest in these projects. I read that almost all inventors have had the same problem, despite the fact that many of them have great practical ideas.  It would be good to be able form a group to work together to find a list of people who can assist inventors. There are many fraudulent people who promise to help people and as a result they are worse off. We could work together to find those who have done some research and developed a list of reliable, honest people and companies who do assist inventors. I have ideas for an organization that we can form, and it is on my website. My motive is not to make money but to get technology to people to help the community. I am happy to give people free trials of anything below. I would like to put any profits back into the community.
     I developed many inventions at which huge advantages over other similar products. They are practical, and save time and money. I spent years designing many inventions below. They include:
     1. A Bible tab invention, that can find a verse in approximately 4 seconds, and it can be simply adapted to your existing Bible. The system is beneficial even if you already have tabs or indentations in your Bible.
     2. A similar alphabetical indexer to the Bible tabs that find the second letter of a word.
     3. Temperature controlling featherlight tents, which are probably the world's lightest series of tents.
     4. An improved soap holder with a deep tray to prevent soap spilling.
     5. A water saving irrigation sensor that is more accurate and durable than competing systems. The affordable unit saves time and money and achieves optimum plant growth. The sensor automatically overrides existing systems like computer timers when irrigation is unnecessary.
     6. Thermal, super-light emergency survival suits.
     7. An instrument to measure wind speed that has advantages. It is low cost, mechanical and reliable. It remains accurate even if the pole leans in the wind. Therefore a tree can be used to support it. This would save building an expensive mast. It records the maximum speed and can be easily reset from the ground.
     8. A horizontal pointer and spirit level. It is very light, low cost and accurate instrument that determines a point horizontal to one in the distance. It has a dual purpose as it can be used as a spirit level.
     9. A cool air backpack or baby carrier frame. It is adaptable to existing packs and allows extra ventilation, cooling and comfort to one's back and shoulders.
     10. A cool air back rest for car seats and chairs. It allows extra ventilation, comfort and cooling to one's back.
     Other inventions include weather instruments such as, rain gauges; a faster and easier way to securely connect electrical wires; and much more.


     Another website that I have is a weather organization linking to many other weather web sites. There is a weather station which graphs out the weather at my home and uploads it live to the Internet. It can be seen at . I am about to set up more weather instruments. The data on the website has advantages over many existing records, as it easily enables seeing great details of weather trends over many days at a glance.
     Many years ago I used to do something similar, but it was manually done. The Bureau of Meteorology relies on many manually maintained stations, which are subject to human error. Incorrect readings and no recordings are common. They also have automatic stations but these are generally not checked against manual readings daily. As a result they can record incorrect data.
      I have invented a number of
advantageous weather instruments. I would be interested in hearing from anyone that wants to trial them. Also I am working on setting up a high quality weather camera that automatically uploads live images to the Internet. I would like it to rotate at 360 degrees because we have some very good views in our area. Distant high mountains up to 120 km away can be seen, and they are a good weather indicator.

Stephenson Screen and Richard


Political Solutions


     I also have a web site with a lobby group and many suggestions that aim to help overcome some of the country's problems. It is at Some of the solutions include fair wealth sharing, lower costs, more good regulation and less bad regulation. There are Christian values, and a more efficient and fair system using the best available methods. Solutions to help small business are included. The webpage contains ideas that many people do not think of. 

     I live in Tolga, which is a small rural town in North Queensland, Australia. I was born in Atherton. It is a pleasant safe area on the Atherton Tablelands near Cairns. There is more information on another website of mine at . Since losing my leg I have been living with my parents. I have three sisters and one brother. I am 36 years old and have never been married. However I would like to be in a relationship with a girl at some stage. In some ways it would be nice to get married. I am seeking committed Christians for friendship and I would like to have a close relationship with God. I have some strong views but I am willing to change them if I learn something different. I believe that we need to keep an open mind, be honest and seek the truth. I spend a lot of time on the computer answering emails and writing.  I also continue to work on many different inventions.

      At school I was interested in pursuing a Science career. I had an obsession to get high marks and to try and excel. As a result of the pressure of the education system I didn't continue past Grade 12, despite getting a very high TE score. Some of the maths and physics that the majority were not interested in, I found very useful. I became an inventor afterwards, where I used many of the applications. I had an interest in statistics and enjoyed practical mathematical problems even after I left school. I got on well with most of the teachers and I still like to talk to them.
     Although I used many of the things that I learned at school, the majority of things learned were impractical and added to the pressure. If we had been taught more practical things it would have been more enjoyable and challenging. There are much better options than the mainstream education system where everyone would enjoy their work and learn only what is useful for them. This would enable people to be positive and interested in what they are learning.
     After school I attempted to get a local job in an office and to become a salesman. I tried visiting the local businesses, but no suitable positions were available. I then tried to get into network marketing. It sounded good but after some time I realized that there were too many people working for it to be viable, and like almost all small businesses, there was no clear profit. I then thought that I could personally discover a more accurate way to forecast the weather. Many times I was right and predicted more accurately than the Bureau of Meteorology. It was very time consuming to go through and find similar patterns. I was also selling some carnivorous and indoor plants. Then I became very interested in bush walking and climbed most of the highest mountains in far North Queensland, Australia near to where I was born in Atherton. I would take the opportunities when perfect weather arrived to climb in many of the mountains, which are only clear and out of cloud a few times a year. Around 1991 I did most of my walks. The weather was very good and I took some terrific photographs on days that you would be lucky to see in many years. I also kept a detailed written account of the terrain and routes taken.
     Then I shifted away from home and developed and patented many inventions listed above.  I read that only one out of a thousand inventors succeeded to make a living from their inventions. However, I thought that my inventions were better than most others that I had seen. My designs were an improvement on existing products, so I thought that I could make a decent living by selling them directly to shops and the public. Many other inventors, tried large companies who were either not interested or took their ideas. Inventing took many years of hard work. I sometimes worked all through the night and day. Also it was many thousands of dollars spent on materials, postage, labour and patents (which I wrote myself). First I thought it would be easy to invent something commercially viable. Reality proved otherwise and the tasks took much longer than expected. Like other inventors, it took dozens of prototypes to come up with the best most improved model, fit for commercial production. It is nothing like this if inventions are made for non-commercial purposes to save yourself and friends time and money. There is still hope that someone will manufacture and market my inventions. If so they would benefit a large number of people.
     In February 1998 I had a major car accident, which resulted in my right leg being amputated above the knee. I had a head on collision when another car veered on to the wrong side of the road. Afterwards I bought a computer to market my inventions over the Internet. Designing and promoting web pages occupied most of my time. The hype of the Internet promised great things commercially, and this deluded many people including myself. Initially I tried to use the web to make money by not only selling my inventions but also joining associate programs. With these programs I could make a commission after my web site directed people to their site to buy their product. Then I realized after reading many statistics from reliable resources, that only approximately 5% of businesses were making a profit on the Internet. Small businesses not operating on the Internet had similar success. Please see for details.
     In the past making money was one of my motivating factors. However, I now realize that people are usually better off if they volunteer and share. Many people focus
overly on money and as a result lose more that they make. This leads to many problems in society.  I developed other websites with information on how a better life and system could be developed. The websites also included warnings that people need to be aware of, along with solutions.
     I was motivated to do this after realizing that many people, including myself, were not making a profit despite working hard. The most honest hard working people were often the poorest. As a result many people were not benefited. Some became a burden on others instead. I tried seeking better ways to do things instead. I read and studied statistics that indicated that approximately only one out of every thousand inventors made a living from their invention, and that approximately 95% of small businesses made a loss. Many did not remain in business for very long. There is a problem with the way that things are currently done, as most people in small businesses spend most of their time trying to gain money.  Instead they can end up worse as a result. Things would need to be done differently to overcome the problem.
     I have now come up with many ideas and solutions so that people will be better off. There are plenty of solutions to the world's problems, so I thought that if I could get enough people interested, it could help others and perhaps the country as a whole. It could make a difference, even if only one or two quality members of parliament were elected with the balance of power (that is if they implemented some good solutions). The page that I created for a planned lobby group states the solutions, but the problem is the lack of interest, money and publicity. There are too many groups trying to solve the problem in different ways and they are not working together. I think that what we need is to do a survey to see what people want. Many groups are promoting many good things. However, they also make statements that give the public a bad perception of them. There are better ways that they could do it, and many solutions that are not promoted. That is why public feedback is important. I have drafted a survey that could be shared. It would help different lobby groups and political candidates to gain policies which would encourage people to vote for them. Please see for more information.
     I have been brought up to believe in Christianity and the Bible. However, a lot of things remained unanswered. So I developed a Christian website asking a number of questions on a forum. I uploaded people’s answers to the Internet if they wanted me to. I believe we need to seek the truth and be willing to change our views if reality proves otherwise.  I became concerned that many people believed that they are saved when in fact they were not. So I was motivated to find and share the truth through the website. I read the Bible and the examples of the apostles. What they did and how they were led by God was very different to the church today. I feel that this is because the church today focuses too much on money and worldly things. The apostles did not seek money for themselves, but volunteered and shared instead. I am also concerned that supernatural miracles are very rare today. Perhaps this is because we are not obeying God in many ways. I would like to be able to find those who are obviously led and helped by God.

True Christianity has the solutions

      I am inviting Christians to come to work with us so that we can pray for and minister to people who need help. I also have some other practical projects in mind. If you know of anyone who can help, please let me know.
     The Bible says that believers will experience trials, problems, and persecution, but the end result should work out for the best and be positive and purposeful because Rom 8:28 says: "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to [his] purpose." Therefore, many frustrating problems will be overcome if we can find a genuine relationship with God. Then we would be able to do God's work more efficiently and have much more time to achieve this.
     For the righteous God promises blessings, answered prayer and help with their needs. He promises the opposite for those who disobey. Therefore, there should be a dramatic and measurable difference between what happens to those who obey Him and what happens to those who disobey Him. I am concerned because I do not see this difference in anyone that I know. Some of my Christian friends and I are yet to meet anyone that can produce evidence that God answers prayer or supernaturally guides and helps in the ways asked of in my questions on the website. So I began asking people the following questions. Who do you know that:
1. God helps to make the correct decisions and find what they need, so there is no doubt that it is God and not a natural coincidence?
2. God helps and answers their prayers so that they have a lower percentage of frustrating problems and a higher percentage of desirable outcomes than any unbelievers?
3. prays for people so that they receive any of the following?   1. Supernatural healings.   2. More frequent healings than could naturally happen.   3. The breaking of curses?   4. The casting out of demons which should set an ill and possessed person free of what is binding and hindering them.
     If we associated with such people, it would help us find or walk with God so that we can do His ministry more efficiently. Then we would be more easily able to encourage people to walk with God and form Christian groups. If you know the contacts of any committed Christians or Christian groups who could help in ways described please let me know.
     My concern is that God is not obviously helping those that we know as explained above. Instead our lives consist of chaos and relentless frustrating problems without an obvious positive purpose. I feel that God is angry with myself and other people that I know because what God promises the righteous is not occurring in our lives. I know that we should not blame God and that it is the devils fault or our fault. However, I find it hard to be righteous and as a result I often feel angry with God and feel that He does not love me or the others that I know. This is especially so when things go wrong. I feel that I need some people who are obviously led and helped by God for fellowship so that they can pray for me. This would hopefully help me overcome psychological problems and find a close relationship with God. Like those that I know, I have experienced so many disappointments. I have had ideas that could help people. However, frustrating problems consistently set me back. As a result what I plan to do is taking too long to achieve, and I am running out of time. Things mostly take longer than I hope, and work out to be more complicated than I hope. I have not gotten enough people interested so far.
      I feel that if only I had a close relationship with God and if He was helping me, I would be so much better off. The main problems are finding what or whom I need, and making the correct decisions. God could help us in these ways.  Hopefully this will change soon and I do have some ideas so that things will improve.
     The Bible states that there will be widespread deception and a falling away in the last days, where few will be saved. Many people imagine that they have a relationship with God when in fact they don’t. This is obvious because people are led into error and disagreement when they claim to be led by God. Therefore they cannot be led by God. I am concerned that if the status quo prevails that none of us may be saved. I feel that we need to warn people of this possibility so that they will seek the truth and not become complacent. As an act of caring, It is important to warn people of any danger even if it is not certain that it will occur. However, we should also offer a solution and hope as described below.      
     The Christians in the Bible were very strong outspoken characters who cared about people. As a result they had much hope and many friends and followers. The Apostles in the Bible who followed Jesus, did things God's way and everyone was well off. They all worked hard for God's purpose. Those with money and possessions distributed their wealth to help spread the gospel and provide for those financially in need. They did not compete against each other but served each other. They also did not have to work with unbelievers or for a corrupt system but worked together for God. This is a terrifically fair system, which the church sadly does not practice today. If the church did do this there may be less problems and the church could have more impact and a closer relationship with God as the Apostles did.
     God's system is not a system of serious competition where people are taking and disadvantaging other people. Instead it is a rightfully regulated fair go for everyone.
     Many people including myself believe in the first steps to salvation explained in this paragraph. This is to accept the Lord Jesus Christ who is the Son of God. He sacrificed himself so that we could be saved. It is God's will that we worship his son, the Lord Jesus. If people repent and obey God, He will forgive and cleanse them of their past sins and will transfer his righteousness to the one forgiven.
     My concern is that scriptures indicate that there are more steps involved than this. However, many people do not believe this or consider those scriptures which state that salvation is conditional to obeying God. Even the basic scriptures like John 3:16 could indicate this, as the term “believe” can also mean to believe what God stands for. It could not simply mean to believe that God exists, as in the previous paragraph. Scriptures state that even the demons believe that God exists. Please see more information about this and how the scriptures suggest we should obey God on my site at .
     The scriptures are clear in many ways on what we should do to obey. However, there are controversial doctrines and beliefs that we are not sure of. If we can find those who are obviously led and helped by God, it is likely that they would be on the correct path and could show us any other truths that we need to know. If we could find them, the benefits would be enormous as they would be able to pray for us and their prayers should noticeably help us unlike the prayers of those that we know. If we could find some committed believers who are obviously led and helped by God they would:
1. encourage us so that we can serve and obey God better.
2. pray for us so that God would help us with our daily needs.
3. Work with us so that we could find what we need, make the correct decisions and achieve more.
4. Teach us the truth.
     I have letters, articles and advertisements to help us to do this. It is just a matter of working out the best way to promote them. It could be done by people sharing emails with people that they know who are interested. Recently  I have developed an ad that is suitable for newspapers. However, this can be expensive. Please let me know of anyone who may be able to help me share the information. Also, please let me know of any committed believers who are definitely led by God or who are interested in sharing the message at .
     I know that we need to seek God first. However, the Bible states that it is important to have people to encourage and pray for us. The sick and possessed people in the Bible were mostly set free or healed by Godly people coming to visit and pray for them. Generally the prayers of the unsaved were not enough to receive healing or enable them to find God. The problem is that people who disengage from others and seek God by themselves often end up in error. Getting someone to show you who has done it successfully would be a great help. Otherwise it would be like someone trying to land an airplane by only reading about it without ever having been shown. It is psychologically difficult to seek and obey God when you do not know of anyone who has succeeded to the degree that the Bible states.

True Conspiracies Affecting Everyone that You Should be Aware of

     It concerned me that a lot of the honest people in the world are suffering and that there is so much corruption. I had heard about widespread conspiracies in the past so I did some research because the suggestions sounded like a likely explanation for the problems of the world. This is because there are so many solutions which are ignored by those with power. Inefficient practices are used instead that benefit large, corrupt corporations who made huge profits. They gain enormous wealth and power while the majority suffer in poverty.
     I realize the system is deceiving people to over focus on gaining wealth and as a result they do not have time to share the truth. People are deceived to seek money instead of seeking to share the truth and help people. As a result, what most people do is like gambling, where they tried to gain money and then lose it to those with wealth and power. For example when people spend a lot of money to start a business and then go broke, or someone spends a lot of time and money searching for paid work but cannot not find anything suitable.
     I believe it is important to warn people of dangers and also give people the option of doing something much better than is offered by the  current system. This will benefit them and others more. That way they need not become a victim of resulting problems, and have a much happier life. These dangers can be avoided but one needs to be aware of them, and of what the plan of the system is. I started a site at to warn people of deceptions and also offered a solution with ideas of a better system. I have also listed a summary of many true conspiracies I have researched with references to reliable resources. I know of many people who go overboard with conspiracies and make claims about things without any evidence. As a result they state things that are not true, and give people who study the subject a bad name. Therefore I only focus on listing things where there is a lot of evidence to support the claims.
     The Bible speaks of many conspiracies and also states that in the last days before Jesus' return man will become more wicked.
Many sources including the Bible indicate that some secret societies with the richest people in the world are subtly trying to take complete control of the entire world. A one-world government is well planned.
     These secretive evil societies have enormous amounts of money therefore they can control and infiltrate the media, the education system, and the work force. They have shares in companies and make political donations so that they can control and influence large companies and the government. Their men are in parliament and form many bureaucracies. They are privatizing, buying and controlling government assets. These secret societies destroy small businesses so there will be less competition for the big ones, which they control. They cause wars and many of the world's problems so the countries will become more in debt to them. This puts the countries under greater control and they are only forgiven some debt if they undertake certain conditions under the conspirators' terms. They are deceiving people to convince them that they must seek excessive money for themselves to be a good person. Then these world Government initiators deceive people into spending their money on unnecessary products, services and investments. They distract people from being aware of what is going on by media entertainment and by making people busy but doing the wrong things. They control the major banks and companies. The conspirators' therefore gain control of the average persons money. They convince people that it is easy to make excessive money when the reality is otherwise. This is causing people to be bankrupt and come under the banker's control. They cause boom and bust cycles so that people lose their money. The international bankers and many other groups are involved.
     The system convinces people that all jobs are good but the hidden truth is that many are doing more harm than good. This is because many occupations are fulfilling the conspirators' plans, despite being deceptively good on the surface. People are working for the conspirators' system without actually knowing they are really deceiving people. The conspirators' overeducate people with unnecessary things in order to control them. They suppress inventions and good discoveries to avoid competition and continue their evil system. They deliberately make redundant products which waste peoples time and resources. Free energy devices and cures for cancer and aids have already been invented, according to many sources. Instead people are forced to use wasteful methods and harmful treatments such as drugs, which bring the conspirators' great profit.
     Due to suppression and wasteful methods the system's workforce is very inefficient. The solutions to these problems are explained towards the end of this report, and in more detail on the website. Much of the workforce is losing efficiency as people are forced to work longer hours and less staff are employed. Such manipulation is causing many problems, from accidents to fatigue. Also many professions under the systems authority, including scientists and doctors encourage suppression of the truth. For example, conflicts of interest occur. If the truth were told, it could mean people are put off from a particular profession or are subject to extensive ridicule. People are therefore likely not to tell the truth to avoid these things. Much corruption has been suppressed, which is to the detriment of society. Some occupations force people to use harmful or wasteful methods and prevent people from using better ones. Those controlling the system encourage the waste of money, so that they can profit from the interest gained from the money that they create. They are also trying to control, corrupt and weaken people and force them to worship Satan.
     Bible prophecies are known to be 100% accurate. The Bible predicts that a one-world dictator known as Beast or Antichrist will fool the elect of many religions that he is God by doing miracles and promising peace. He will break his peace agreement, totally rule the world and force everyone to worship him and accept a satanic mark in order to buy or sell (Rev 13:16-17). Satan will dwell in the coming dictator along with his partner, the false prophet. There is much more information on this at . The Bible warns that if you accept the satanic mark, and worship the Beast or his image you will come under the control of the Devil and be destined for Hell (Rev 14:9, 10, 2Thes 2:11, 12).
     It is better to die instead, and give your life to Jesus by surrendering to him, and asking him to forgive your sins, and to gain eternal life (John 3:16, Rom 10:9, Rev 3:19-21, Acts 17:30). Then you will have a glorious future. There is more information on how to get saved at .

How to Enjoy your Work and Benefit Society More

      Many people don't enjoy their job but could easily do so with a small change that would also benefit society more. Instead of the current professions that work for the corrupt system, which are highly, inefficient, people could leave them and do almost the same thing either by themselves or with other honest people who are interested in it.
     Certain volunteer work is of great benefit to society, as people can do something that they are interested in to benefit society. That way they don't have to use inefficient or harmful methods enforced by the corrupt system and mainstream workforce. Another great benefit of useful volunteer work is that it would mean a more generous caring society where people are concerned about helping others. This is much better than the way the system influences people, which is to take excessive money or income from society and spending it on unnecessary things.  An attitude to volunteer and sharing would help poor people, and influence others to do likewise. This would be much more satisfying and rewarding. Others would also want us to do us favors in return for our help, and more honest friends would be gained. Many exciting activities could be done as explained in this report. However, the most important one would be to inform people of the truth.  
     Some paid occupations are good if they provide a useful service, and if suitable work companions are employed.  People with wealth or high salaries can contribute greatly provided they use their money for God’s will. Prosperity is good if people use their wealth for good reasons, and all deserving people are well off. We need to seek God's will and a better system so that prosperity and blessings will come. We should not seek prosperity in a corrupt system because this approach is causing poverty and corruption.
     There is a better way than charging everyone money for essential items. If items can only be gained by paying money for them it suppresses the material or service by restricting or deterring people from using it. A very small percentage will buy something as opposed to using it for free because it is unaffordable for most of the world's population, requires carrying money or having credit cards and wastes time for bookwork and transactions. Instead people who can afford it should offer to donate, even if they are not asked for money. At the same time it should be stated that the goods and services are valuable and would normally cost money. This is so that people would not be encouraged to freely take and waste goods and services. It could be stated on items “Donations are needed to keep the free service going for those who are disadvantaged and not well off”.

The Benefits and a Positive Conclusion

      There are plenty of exciting activities which people can do, such as researching important truths or ideas which have been suppressed. We can form a number of independent groups that provide a better service than the mainstream professions.  Some could communicate with extraordinary people. We can benefit from their ideas, and they may even join our group. More efficient systems would mean that people would be better off both health wise and financially. There would be much better public services, because people would be researching the best methods available and working in a more efficient way. The system would be Christian based but people would not have to be Christians to join some of the groups. Maintaining a friendship with non Christian people is important so that we can lead them to the truth. This is different to yoking with unbelievers such as by living and working with them for a long period.
     A list of reliable Christian people and businesses could be formed. It would be very interesting to start a fully committed group or community that did similar things to the Apostles. Everyone could work hard for God. Some people who are doing useful things that are financially profitable could continue them if they were not working for a corrupt system, and if they were working with believers. This would help fund God's work and those in need. Some members could search for people who could help fund the organization and write to them. If the group became large enough, and some wealthy people shared their wealth, and the group did not spend their money on unnecessary things, no one may need to work for money at all. People who refuse to work, who could easily work should not be supported by the group. This would also apply to people who do not obey the group’s terms and conditions. All members could share and volunteer to work hard on something that is useful that they enjoy. People could do similar work using the same skills as they currently do.
     If you know anyone who can help establish any of these ideas, please let me know. I would also appreciate any comments on my websites linked to . Please help to achieve such a system by sharing this information with others.

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