Faster study in dictionaries, encyclopaedias, schools, universities & more. For anyone.
The Main Page has more than just indexes for dictionaries, encyclopaedias, schools & universities

Unique Rapid Alphabetical Indexer

Achieve Faster More Interesting Study
With This Unique, Revolutionary More Rapid Alphabet Indexer.

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 For dictionaries, encyclopaedias, schools and universities
Unique, revolutionary, affordable & practical products with huge advantages

For more than just dictionaries, encyclopaedias, schools and universities

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Achieve faster study

Save time studying and researching

For dictionaries, encyclopaedias, schools and universities and much more

 For dictionaries, indexes & alphabetical texts Easily adaptable to existing Dictionaries, Indexes, Alphabetical Texts, including ones already with tabs.

Faster study Words and information can be found in a few seconds.

 For universities and schools Easily installed.

 Fits all dictionaries, indexes and encyclopaedias Fits all sized Dictionaries, indexes, encyclopaedias, etc.

For colleges and teachers Revolutionary Rapid index second letter tabs

study motivation Encourages and motivates people to study.

 students help Guaranteed to save time and hassle.

 faster study Makes study faster, enjoyable, and more comprehensible.

 alphabetical indexer Be first to find words with this simple invention that saves hours.

 for students, colleges and teachers Suitable for everyone including churches, students, colleges, teachers.

No risk 30 day money back guarantee if not fully satisfied.

The system is also for you, even if you already have tabs or indentations in your book, as you will still need to use these.
When your tabs or indentations find a letter, these revolutionary tabs enable finding the second letter.
We can also supply the conventional tabs if you don't have them.

Sticky tabs come stuck to a card. You simply peel off the selected tabs and stick them in rows at the books top or bottom.
The instructions clearly explain how tabs are mounted by simply lining up with the ones below.

Patent Application No. 63779/98


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