Groups to help many people by searching for extraordinary people or methods that are significantly better than those widely available.
For example, suppressed inventions, solutions, brain enhancers and medical therapies.
Separate groups to search for and challenge people to produce the evidence that God leads and helps them.
Do you know where to find anything outlined below?

Extraudinary things ie: Suppressed Inventions, Medical Therapies, People led by God and More.

Many claim that they do extraordinary or helpful things but there are a lot of counterfeits and false claims. The aim is to have a good group of honest people doing some research on and hopefully finding genuine forms of these. If you know where we could find any, please let me know. There are a range of topics that could be researched and the subjects could be considered independently. The challenges range from finding people that can produce the evidence that God is in their lives to finding suppressed inventions and discoveries with large benefits over what is currently available. We are seeking things that are significantly better than what most people are aware of.

We can build a database of good organisations, products and services, and help the producers of them to promote their organization, product or service. Databases of independent organisations that have researched organisations or companies that claim to have something better than what is widely available would be established. It is important to get some feedback from users of their services to ensure that the claims are genuine. If the products and services are very good we could advertise them on our sites. If we promote products that companies sell, then we could receive a commission on any of their products that we sell through our sites. However, the main focus is not in making money, but to instead provide an efficient service to the community. Independent groups could be formed researching and testing the many things outlined below.

Do you know where to find the following?

1. Suppressed inventions and discoveries that will help many people and save money.
     Unfortunately inventors are too worried about protecting their invention from being stolen instead of using it to help people. Inventors need to realize that protecting and patenting their invention will not make them succeed. More time needs to be spent in sharing the technology with honest people in a group which we can form. Otherwise, very few people may use their invention and it will not benefit anyone. Inventors are needed to share their ideas and have the motivation to use them to help people. If instead they worry about making a lot of money and protecting their idea, they will normally lose a lot of money instead and not help others. Inventors make the mistake of getting extensive patents and showing their ideas to big corrupt companies. As a result their inventions are suppressed in the ways described at
     It is better to share the ideas or products with an honest group of people than sharing their ideas with corrupt governments or large companies. People make the mistake of thinking too big, and trying to change the world by getting their invention to benefit millions of people. It is better to focus on trying to help a small group of honest people.
     For example, people have claimed to have invented very efficient and even free energy devices but they have been suppressed. There are thousands of other inventions and ideas that have been suppressed which could have benefited many people. These inventions are much better than what is currently available. If you know of anyone who has seen and is prepared to show us any inventions or discoveries that have significant advantages over what is widely known, please let me know. Another idea which needs to be more widely available is non toxic or low toxic pest control for common pests such as cockroaches, ants, spiders and weeds.

2. Suppressed medical therapies that are dramatically better than what is available in the mainstream system.
     I believe the most important therapy that most people would be interested in, is a way to dramatically increase the performance of the brains functioning. Much of our time is wasted by forgetting things and not being able to read, comprehend or remember effectively. Most information is not taken in or remembered. Do you know of anything that makes a noticeable difference so that evidence can be produced to confirm the below. There is a way to test your memory and comprehension at

What do you know gives:
     An ability to more quickly and thoroughly listen to, read, comprehend and remember information; and also to perform better while at the same time doing another task. This would save a lot of time and help us to learn more.
     An ability to think ahead and make the correct decisions so that tasks can be completed more efficiently. This would involve remembering and thinking of something at the moment that you need to. If the brain can process data more efficiently, it is easier to achieve the best order to work on and combine tasks so that they can be done much faster. For example, a lot of equipment may be needed for some particular tasks which you would normally forget to collect in advance.
     An ability to come up with a good solution in less time. There are so many ways to do things and it is easy to make the wrong choice. If the brain can think of the outcomes of many different methods faster, there would be more chance that a good method may be achieved quickly.
     The ability to focus your mind on what you want to think about without dreaming about something you do not want to think of.

Medical therapies are also important aids for the curing of different illnesses such as cancer and Alzheimer's disease, or for managing chronic pain and disabilities.

3. People that can produce the evidence that they are led by God in the ways that the Bible says the true Christians should be.
     The Bible promises that Godly people will receive answers to prayer with a greater percentage of desirable outcomes, and a lower percentage of undesirable outcomes than the ungodly. Therefore, God should help His people to think more efficiently, remember better, make the correct decisions, and find what they need with less frustrating problems or accidents than any unbelievers. Hence, they should be able to work more efficiently. The difference between the Godly and ungodly should be dramatic and measurable, like it was with the apostles.

The Bible says that believers will experience trials, problems, and persecution, but the end result should work out for the best because the Bible says that all things work together for good for those who love God. A positive purpose should be obvious, because a perfect God would have a hand in their daily affairs, unlike the chaos that occurs in our lives.

If people claim that God led them to do or believe something, it should always be correct. Otherwise they are only imagining that God is leading them like most people do. Do you know anyone who God definitely leads, helps and cares for like described here and promised in the Bible? If we could find them, they would be able to help and pray for us so that we can help others.

4. People prepared to donate significant money or time to enable sharing truths to encourage people to form a group.
Research could be carried out on many of these topics. If more people used their money to sponsor good ideas instead of wasting it on unnecessary things, we would all be better off.

5. Honest people to work with or have as a partner to spend significant time on any projects that are listed on this site.
Quality people are needed to help with many projects that are explained here and on the website at

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