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Inventors Assistance Society

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New Society with Great Ideas to Help Inventors

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Just some ways to raise money are as follows:

1  Fitness - some examples are:

Bike rides, running, walking, swimming, surf skiing, canoeing, windsurfing, sailing, flying, horse or animal riding. These could be done solo or as a group. Safety and injury is not the society's responsibility.

2  Collecting for donations

Door knocking, contacting wealthy people or businesses, press releases in local media & radio talk back.

3  Lobbying politicians

Sign petitions, write letters, protest marches, contact media,  join a lobby group, separate to the Inventors Assistance Society, to help save our economy. Click here for details.

4  Find more members

Advertise, press releases, radio talk back, contact and inform friends, contact inventors you have heard of, distribute and photocopy a print out of this page.

5  Help work for club

When looking for work, mention you intend to donate part of your pay to an inventors society, which will help our economy. This will increase your chances of getting work.

Contact market research companies and offer as a group to do market research for them.

6  Contact schools, charity organizations, universities, skills and training organizations, volunteer work clubs and send them the information encouraging them to raise money.

7  Place collection tins in shops, shows, markets and public places.

Some proposals are:

1  Give active members free membership.

2  Give active members the most publicity at shows, in journals or with the media. The more active a member,
the more their products would be demonstrated at shows etc. by salespersons. Non active members would still have the right to display information if there is room, otherwise it could be placed in a folder where people could look through it. Non active members would pay for a display while active members wouldn't.

3  The more a member assists or raises money, the more benefits they will receive from the organization. These benefits numbered to 12 in the report would, in all fairness, benefit members who assisted the organization the most. The benefit available to members, would be in proportion to the amount of money they raise, or the amount of time they assist. Members could accumulate bonus points, instead of commission dollars.

4  Non active members will receive benefits from the organization.

All money raised will benefit each individual by helping inventors develop and market their products.

Here is how

Members would be awarded bonus points for money either directly or indirectly raised. Accumulation of a certain number of points would enable members to benefit freely in any of the 12 ways outlined below. Each benefit would be worth a certain number of points.

If a member directly raises money they would score bonus points equivalent to 10% of the amount of money raised. If anyone recruits a member or organization who raises money, the recruiter will be awarded bonus points equivalent to 4% of the money raised.

If someone accepts a collection tin for their shop, show, stall etc. they will receive bonus points equivalent to 5% of donations if they are passive, but 10% if they actively ask people to donate on a regular basis. The person who organized and convinced the person to display the tin, who could also be the person to collect the money would receive 4% bonus. If another person is involved to find this person they would receive 2% bonus points.

Some plans to publicize and market members' products with no up front fees, are as follows:

1  Having a stall at many shows, trade fairs, exhibitions, and large markets. The aim would be to have experienced salespersons to demonstrate and market members' inventions.

2  Having inventors outlets in stores in the capital cities.

3  Attempt to put members' products in overseas outlets.

4  Gain media involvement to portray inventions both locally and overseas.

5  Lobby for, and provide grants, to enable inventors to get started.

6  Establish a panel of traveling advisers to assist inventors with manufacturing and marketing.

7  Enable cheap or free internet coverage and marketing.

8  Link inventors with manufacturers, marketing and assistance organizations that have credibility and integrity.

9  Give inventors credit and awards and link with other organizations that do this. This will give inventors self- esteem and confidence.

10  If enough money can be raised, very low interest loans could be made available to help inventors get started.

11  Products would be sold on a commission only basis which would greatly benefit inventors struggling financially.

12  The more a member assists the organization the more publicity they will receive.

For clubs, stalls at shows, markets and outlets

Inventors products could be marketed by commission salespersons in which all up front stall costs would be paid for by the club. Twenty percent of inventors profits resulting from the clubs marketing stalls and outlets would go to the club, unless they assist the club to a degree. This would help products sell as the public would be made aware that sales will help raise money for the organization.

Please Place the below advertisement on a sign at the stalls or inform people of it by using any responsible advertising.


Help Our Future
  • save lives
  • rebuild lives
  • employment
  • your economy by supporting potentially a multi-billion dollar industry
You can help your country become a clever country. Innovation is the way of the future. You can help change the world for the better and give strangled and dejected inventors an opportunity to develop great ideas with enormous potential to create jobs, economic wealth and hence rebuild lives. Many inventors are in more pain and frustration than people regularly receiving donations and government aid, yet there is very little government and private help. No pay and recognition for years is devastating in one of the hardest professions there is, yet it has such potential.

If you don't help talented lives will be shattered, and billions of potential dollars along with great ideas will be lost.

We welcome

* New members

* Any money raisers or helpers

* All donations

Any donations, purchases or assistance welcome.

If you donate, you are entitled to optional free publicity.

Funds from purchasing members' products help support the club.


People to assist the organization including:

  • senior organizers
  • secretaries
  • treasurers
  • technical advisers
  • companies or individuals who can market and demonstrate inventions on a commission basis
  • show salesperson at local shows and markets
  • local media publicity
  • people to display information on the internet cheaply and send email. People to write press releases
  • people to raise money in the ways described
  • people to assist with any of the organizations plans
  • at least one person for each region if possible
  • people or companies also wanted overseas
  • you can help the club and yourselves by finding or assisting with any of the above, or helping in any way
  • the more you help the better off both you and the organization will be
  • it is much easier to work as a group than on your own
  • if you wish to donate to an organization that will help our economy your help will be appreciate
Please see more information at

Phone  (your number)    fax and email address (your details)

  • To be incorporated
  • Strict scrutiny and penalties ensure donation collectors integrity.
  • Innovation will improve the future.
If you plan to assist, please let us know first.


As innovation is the way of the future this organization could benefit the world enormously by turning our economy around, keeping products locally made, encouraging inventors to complete their product and enable ideas that can solve our problems.

Anyone can join the organization from school students to sports people and academics. You don't have to be an inventor. Please consider the abundance of talent the world has, which could turn the any country around by creating jobs and new industries.

Currently this is being lost, and many lives are being destroyed, because we don't support our own inventors with great ideas. Frustration, bankruptcy and unemployment is destroying many lives.  Do you care about people's lives and your country?

Anyone is welcome to help. It will be appreciated. Individuals, bodies and companies who assist will be mentioned or / and receive free ads, if they wish, in our web site, journals or the media.

The more assistance you give, the greater the optional publicity. Currently it is free to join. If you join, it is hoped that you will contribute, even if it's only in a small way. If you are unable to help, there may be a small annual fee in the future if you decide to continue. If there will be a fee but you plan to assist to a certain degree, or raise at least the membership fee, membership will be free, to give you the opportunity to be in a unified organization to help your country to become a clever country, and overcome the major problem of unemployment.

Above is an ad to be displayed on collection tins, show stalls and by money raisers. Name recording and donation recording books are also needed on site.

If you can assist, or know anyone who can help with the organization of any of the groups suggestions, please contact your recruiter.

If you don't have a recruiter, or have any suggestions please make contact 

Inventors are most welcome.

If you have any other suggestions and ideas please let us know. The organization will only succeed with your help.

Below is an example of a letter sent to businesses or individuals. Please send it to people you know or contact or have requested and approved mailing but do not send unsolicited email or spam. You may copy the letter or these ads but please let me know first.



We are starting a new organization to help our economy, future, rebuild lives and enable a multi billion dollar industry.

We are trying to form a new inventors society with fresh outlooks which will help rebuild lives and create employment. There are many people with ideas of enormous potential but they are denied the opportunity to develop them and solve most of the country's problems.

Lack of funding from both the government and private sector causes pain, frustration and bankruptcy, in which many are forced to give up, instead of benefiting the country.

So far there has been no large commercially active organization that I know to raise money for inventors, so many people are unaware of their plight. We have a positive plan to help raise money to form new job creating industries. Government may also help if they see community groups or individuals raising money or assisting.

The more anyone assists or donates the more advertising or publicity they can receive from us. Our endeavors are to get involved with media and shows, and depending on how much you donate or assist, we are prepared to give you further publicity or sponsorship in those areas if you wish.

There are many ways of raising money, or alternatively assisting, which include fitness, charity runs such as walking, riding, kayaking etc., collecting donations, lobbying politicians, finding more members, or anyone to raise money or help the club with work or advice.

Also if you buy any members' products, revenue will help raise money for the club.

What is needed is a list of companies around the world that are proven to be honest and can assist by funding, manufacturing and marketing inventions. Email contacts and the name of the person that the email would reach would be preferable.

Please see more information at or if you know of anyone who can help. Please inform relevant people about the organization or if you can assist by promoting it.

Members are most welcome.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.
Regards (your name)

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