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Several things that are causing our problems, are that costs, wages and interest rates are too high in our country. These, along with oversize big business monopolies, are making success in small business and innovation almost impossible, and are causing unemployment, and indirectly causing crime and drug addiction. We should be trying to lower costs and wages, which would make even the workers better off, due to the fact that goods and services would be cheaper and employment made more secure. This would enable other countries to afford more of our exports, and the economy would improve. Small businesses need more assistance, as they provide jobs, products and services. Due to corruption and unfortunate circumstances, they are being crippled and cannot afford to employ people. Sources say approximately 95% of small businesses are making a loss, yet they often work much harder and are often more innovative then people who are paid wages. Anyone can help us have a future by freely joining and distributing the information at www.advantagein.com/politics which contains many more revolutionary ideas.

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