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Most things here apply to us all in any country. Please note that some of the things stated are not applicable to some countries. One example is that reducing costs of goods and services would only apply to countries with above average costs such as the USA, Australia and Europe, but not to places like Asia. 

There are an enormous numbers of ways to raise revenue without high goods and services taxes and making cuts, such as stimulating small business, innovation and many other ways listed below to increase employment and earn us billions. Without support business, products and wealth will either be destroyed or go offshore along with the billions of dollars they yield.

Innovation and planning would save billions in many areas, such as more public environmentally friendly transport, instead of expensive freeways. Revolutionary low cost road planning, described later, would save billions compared to future plans, and also dramatically increase safety.

The current system favors and enables big business, banks, and wealthy people to gain increasing wealth, yet smaller businesses and individuals with great ideas and job generating potential are choked due to lack of support.

Free trade, deregulation and lower tariffs may outwardly appear to reduce costs, but would in reality, only give larger firms more profit. These large firms and retailers probably wouldn't reduce consumer costs.

At a later date tariffs could be reduced but not until our own industries become more efficient and are given the chance to compete without them.

It is far better to reduce the burden for small business in the ways described, so there can be lower consumer costs and benefits for everyone.

Land and our valuable assets are being sold for a pittance to overseas multinationals with little or no benefit. We should be entitled to fair royalties on our assets and extraction of our natural resources. Less of the profits should go to foreign companies. Foreign companies should pay at least as much tax as our ones. Our government should give our businesses a fair go so we can run our own country, instead of giving it to foreign multinationals.

There should be stricter laws to insist the banks give small business and the less well off a better deal, instead of ripping them off. The reserve bank should be scrapped and the proceeds given back to the states.

Freedom and the rights of the individual should be maintained without government interference. Governments have or are trying to make things illegal that really don't risk other peoples safety, such as not wearing bike helmets and using a bulbar.

The government is involved with too many multinationals and international bodies such as the UN. Government agreements shouldn't be signed, especially with these bodies without public approval.

Stricter laws should ensure products are labeled correctly. Product of our country labeling should always mean the product is 100% ours. All unsafe things should be outlined on the label.

There is strong evidence of a conspiracy within certain members of our very own governments, multi nationals and bankers. This may not refer to all of them including the leaders. Many reports refer to these conspiracies. Even if the governments change these, bureaucratic members seem to be controlling our destiny. Their aim appears to be, to cripple small business and form large business monopolies which will have greater control over the population. It seems as if a few big people are trying to destroy the small battle's to gain increasing power and wealth. Why is it that some are allowed to make millions and billions and don't use it for anything useful, yet around 95% of small businesses are losing money and eventually go broke. Many of these are hard trying honest clever workers who are deceived by powers that they will go ok and be able to help people. But the same powers are sending them broke and destroying lives and it is the poor battle's that are screaming for help instead of being able to help others they wish. People who wish to do good and help others are being choked by many ways so they are denied the right to do good deeds they wish. It seems clever, honest people with potential, willing to change the world for the better, are regarded as dangerous to some with power and money. It is stated in many sources that some with power and money are planning to protect their interests and soon control the whole world under a one world government. For more information on conspiracies click here.

Our country needs innovative fresh ideas and positive policies urgently to avoid complete economic ruin. A powerful lobby group is needed so its voice can be heard on important matters that effect us all. With the governments current policies we cannot compete with overseas countries. As a result we struggle to export, but import many things which could be manufactured in our country. Foreign debt therefore is increasing and many large companies are leaving our shore to escape our deteriorating economic climate. This is causing massive job losses. Prohibitive costs of labor, tax and goods and services are crippling small business and preventing many from even getting started . Currently a vast majority go broke and it's getting worse . This is causing rising poverty, unemployment, moral decline, suicides, violence, and ruined lives. Such a cycle further adds to the difficulties of small business by reducing consumer demand. It is also destroying towns and communities.

If the current trend continues small businesses will continue to disappear . In addition to the above it will also mean a loss of specialist services and products, and a trend to large store monopolies who set and control prices . The current system favors and enables big business, banks and wealthy people to gain increasing wealth, yet smaller business and individuals with great ideas and job generating potential are choked due lack of support .

Unnecessary government cuts are hurting and closing vital services. This is destroying business, jobs, towns and our economy.

Our government is wasting billions of dollars on ridiculous schemes, that are either not efficient or have little benefit, yet they are crippling people with potential to improve the economy.

Unfortunately the chance of success in the current economic environment is very slim , therefore it is probably a waste of time continuing your present line unless positive policies are lobbied for and implemented.

There are solutions to the above problems but they can only be implemented if enough people act. A small step would be to first read the below proposals, then inform as many people as possible of this page by responsible marketing and link placement. See below for more information.

Lower costs and sales tax on goods and services will reduce the cost of manufacturing and make our products both more competitive, successful and remain ours.

Sales tax could be abolished altogether on essential goods and services. This would include any raw materials for manufacturing or indirectly used. Any taxes that restrict productivity should be abolished. However luxury items, together with ones which cause corruption such as drugs and gambling should be taxed more. This will also help everyone, including workers, as they will pay less at the supermarket. We need to have lower costs by having greater efficiency as opposed to oversupply.

Introduction of a consumption tax would have a negative effect by increasing inflation, and making it harder and more expensive for struggling small business to purchase essential goods. They would be taxed more even though they don't initially earn any money.

This is better than increasing wages, as the lower costs will make us more economically competitive, and also increase employment. Small business will grow again as they will be able to afford to employ people. Abolition of award wages would allow people to bargain for and obtain work instead of depending on the government, wasting tax payers money and sending the country to ruin. Many people would prefer to work for less to help the country, instead of not working at all. Unemployment leads to crime and mental degradation. Employers should have the right to negotiate with workers without union involvement.

This would further help small business to be able to afford to stay alive, and also reduce the cost of our goods, services and products. Unlike the error of many people's thinking, this will improve workers' prosperity, as a week's wage will buy more of the lower cost goods.

If people with above average incomes don't invest in ideas or organizations to help people, they should be taxed far more. However, these people are a valuable asset, and should be helped and encouraged to invest in projects that help people and the economy.

Instead of giving tax concessions for saving for yourself, they should be given to people of companies who invest in struggling  business or projects with potential.

Unless they contribute or invest to help people, professional people demanding high fees such as government solicitors , should pay much more tax. Presently their fees are costing the country millions in inquires. More people such as Jps need to work in the legal area to make decisions and give advice at only the average hourly rate.

The tax system needs a shake up so it is fair to all. Greater information should be provided about how the public should be taxed. People earning low incomes and especially businesses with potential trying to get started, should be taxed less and given less paperwork, to make more time available. Unnecessary government regulation and interference should be abolished.

Innovation and inventors are the way of the future as they hold solutions to important problems such as avoiding potential disasters and giving us a better life. Inventors could yield the our economy billions of dollars if they are either supported by the government or by investors. Without support, inventors will struggle to survive, as they are being crippled financially. Billions of potential dollars are lost by us each year in either ideas leaving our shore, or by inventors being forced to quit due to a lack of funds. Currently only between .03 and 4% of inventors succeed. Although they often have great ideas the remainder fail, either because they are cheated in some way, or have been unable to receive correct advice.

This is a terrible shame, as people with great ideas and economic potential lose many thousands of dollars, and have their lives ruined due to frustration and bankruptcy. Inventors are forced to outlay many thousands of dollars before earning anything.

Government spends enormous amounts of money on projects and organizations with far less potential economically for our country. Inventors initially have enthusiasm, but when they realize the difficulty of marketing and developing their products they soon give up. Realization of their losses, and that they are not supported, is soul destroying .

Crippled financially and mentally, like other business people, many inventors are in more pain than overseas people receiving millions of dollars in donations. Innovation and inventors need far more government and private help to improve our country. Inventors and entrepreneurs need a personal advice panel, together with greater protection of their rights, to prevent dishonest rip off.

Instead of building casinos and encouraging addictive gambling which is ruining lives, people should be encouraged to invest in  products and their development, together with business and industry, which would benefit everybody and the economy.
Many rich and intelligent people are also overseas, who could greatly contribute to small business and inventors who are struggling due to high costs and a lack of  funds. It is therefore essential such people and companies are welcome to migrate and invest to our country.

Provided they are honest and loyal to their new country there should be no restriction on migrants who will benefit our country and have sufficient skills. More beneficial migrants, would regenerate the country.

For obvious reasons supported by many, there needs to be a restriction on the immigration of general migrants. However, the current methods used in some countries are not appropriate, and may be regarded as racist. A better method, which would suit everyone, would be to welcome any migrant on the basis they work for a lower than average wage. The deal would be spelt out to them before they arrive. This would naturally restrict their number instead of using current immigration restrictions

It would also help small business who currently can't afford the high cost of labor. Success in small business would not only boost the economy and rebuild shattered lives but also increase the number of jobs available, and reduce unemployment. Immigrants social security should be restricted unless they work for it.

Migrants would need to be cleared of a criminal record before gaining citizenship. All migrants would be expected to contribute something positive to the country. This would reduce racial hatred.

High costs of labor, and goods and services, are forcing many companies and ideas off shore, which were once ours. This enormous loss of potential dollars, reputation and jobs is sending the country to economic ruin and destroying small business and causing unemployment. Something has to be done before it's too late, that's if it isn't already.

Much government money is wasted on projects and areas that are not efficient and don't contribute to our economy. Many areas are listed below, where innovation and careful planning would create more efficient alternatives.

Too much money is wasted and consumed by politicians and their expenses. Unnecessary traveling and accommodation should be restricted. Stricter laws are needed to prevent political fraud. Politicians should also be happy to pay more tax to help struggling people and gain more support from the community. They should be given less superannuation, and not receive the pension if they have too many assets. The same should apply to highly paid executives. They should receive little more than an average wage.

Many areas, including the arts and sports,  should be privately funded, instead of being funded by the government so that other industries with more potential are given a chance.

Too much time and money is spent in parliament arguing about irrelevant issues such as the republic, euthanasia, and rights, yet little attention is given to important ones. Politicians need to get to the point , behave, and look at other solutions, instead of boasting about their current ones and ridiculing the opposition.

More referendums are needed, containing a number of different proposals. This would ensure the public has a say, instead of just the politicians, about key matters such as the sacking of unlawful politicians, public servants, environment issues, taxes, government spending and other issues. Such referendums would save money wasted by politicians and public servants debating issues. To save money referendums should coincide with other elections. The public should have the right to demand a referendum.

If only honest people could retain their firearms they could help defend our country in a ground war. Instead millions of dollars in firearms are destroyed, yet taxpayers money is put into defense. Removing honest people's guns also makes them vulnerable, and tempting to attack by terrorists, who will illegally obtain arms anyway.

Spending in innovation and business should be given priority over defense, because if we become cleverer we may find better and more efficient defense means to give greater protection. Less money needs to be wasted on defense directly. We should retain and not sell our defense assets. We may be more vulnerable economically, which will in turn lead to conflict.

Many people may be happy to help overseas people themselves but they can only do so if the government gives them a chance to succeed. Inventors and businessmen are being choked to death before they can grow and prosper.

The government needs to help our own people with potential so they can help overseas people. Instead of government foreign aid which often goes to the wrong people, private organisations and people with substantial income and savings, along with churches can direct money to the correct people in need.

Government funded searches shouldn't be conducted until the adventurer is dangerously late. Many adventurers return late due to difficult terrain, conditions of becoming disorientated, yet they are perfectly all right.

The following only refers to prisoners who deserve to be there, like for crime and dishonesty. Many prisoners should not be in jail if they are innocent or have been put in there for honest beliefs.

Unnecessary money is spent in prisons and giving prisoners good conditions and safety, yet honest people are suffering and committing suicide. Prisons should not contain luxury items and sporting facilities. They should contain only what is essential for life. Prisoners should be made to work hard and for long hours, to help struggling industries and their victims get off the ground. Prisoners shouldn't receive any money for themselves. Many more entrepreneurs would succeed if they didn't have to pay prisoners to work for them. Instead of costing the taxpayer money, prisoners would give money back to society and they would also learn and gain rehabilitation. It would also save government compensation for victims.

Instead of releasing prisoners who threaten to offend again, they should remain in detention. Only prisoners who show significant signs of rehabilitation and repentance should be granted bail, otherwise even longer and tougher sentences should be imposed. More rights are needed for victims instead of prisoners.

Presently, dishonest people are allowed to make much money, rip people off, avoid tax and commit fraud. Tougher laws should be introduced to detect and prosecute such people. Retrieving money they fraudulently gained could benefit the country billions.

Stricter controls should be enforced so government money goes to the people in need, instead of going to the wrong people. Non Christian values should not be legalized.

Too much public money is wasted rescuing and relocating animals, while people are not assisted.

The education system should be reviewed so it relates the theory to practice, and gives students and parents a wider choice of subjects, especially in the first year of high school, where students would have the option of studying subjects such as computer studies, economics, typing, shorthand, branches of science and math's, and other practical subjects instead of being forced to study subjects they do not wish. More time should be allowed for and between exams.

Saving and safety for roads and transport

Instead of the government spending enormous sums of money on freeways which engulf and destroy many lives, and real estate more attention should be paid to public transport. Countries who have invested in public transport have more wealth per capita than ones who haven't.

No more roundabouts are needed, as they dramatically slow down traffic, and make driving more dangerous on the main road as more roads, have to give way. They also cost enormous sums of money compared to lights, or better warning lines or signs.

Fewer pedestrian crossings would improve traffic flow and reduce exhaust pollution. This would also increase safety, as it is difficult for motorists to see pedestrians especially if they are looking where to park. It is easier for pedestrians to cross safely between cars anytime. Crossings also encourage pedestrians to become complacent and not to look for traffic.

There should be more awareness of road safety, and warning and penalties if you drive at the speed limit in dangerous conditions, such as when there is oncoming traffic on some roads, especially at night. However there are some situations on straight roads when there is no oncoming traffic where people should be excused if exceeding the limit by a sensible amount. This is less dangerous than traveling the speed limit in more dangerous situations. Many other things which need reviewing are legal but unsafe, while others are illegal while safe.

Drivers should be banned from using their headlights before it is necessary, as traveling just on or after sunset is dangerous for daytime drivers who dislike headlight glare.

The solution for drivers who wish to be seen would be to use a low cost low intensity flashing light of different color and lower intensity compared to emergency vehicles, to avoid confusion. Such a light would stand out clearly as it is flashing, and unlike headlights, would not be confused by sun reflections from buildings and other objects. It would not be glary or cause eye fatigue like a headlight. Such a light could simply be adapted to your vehicle so it could be seen from all directions, hence the advantage over a headlight. It could also turn off automatically with your ignition so as not to flatten the battery. This is one main danger of using headlights in the daytime.

Below are some road improvements which should be considered.

1.  Colored lines painted on the road to indicate the speed limit;

2.  Red lines drawn across the road to highlight 'no entry' signs;

3.  Red crosses on the road to indicate 'no parking';

4.  Green signs and arrows on the road to indicate you have the right of way at intersections;

5.  Pre warning lines on the road to warn of difficult to see intersections and perhaps flashing lights at those intersections;

6.  A review of signs. In places 'stop' signs could be replaced with 'give way with caution' signs, so you don't have to completely stop when turning left or when there is little traffic. More conspicuous signs facing the right way are needed.

7.  More 'give way' signs at intersections;

8.  Less 'no right turn' signs and more marked lanes on the road indicating where to give way at these places.

9.  More signal lights at level railway crossings.

10.  A review of speed limits. They could be reduced on winding and narrow roads and in busy areas of cities and towns in peak traffic and activity, but increased on wide straight roads. Speed limits themselves may not need changing in many areas, but more signs advising speed should be in place.

Other policies could include;

1.  Making trucks containing hazardous or corrosive chemicals (such as fertilizers) contain these chemicals more safely, so that they don't spill onto the road.

2.  Removing noisy neighbors from certain residential areas.

3.  Tougher laws regarding noise in certain areas, such as screaming kids, dogs, excessive use of loud equipment, as one noisy person can make life miserable for many!

4.  Reduction in the amount of television violence, and the banning of advertising violent programs during non-violent programs. Advertising should be regulated more so it is targeted on subjects relating to the program. Violent programs should at least be grouped together at a separate time to non-violent ones, and not be shown during prime time viewing. Similar programs should be grouped together.

5.  Allow people to see clearly what the government is doing. The present government is hiding information from the public.

6.  More people should be doing shift work to improve the efficiency of services.

Conservation and parks

Clear felling should be reduced, but in ways not to hurt small landholders. Farmers and landholders must be encouraged more to rehabilitate their land and plant trees. More education is needed for better management in order to avoid environmental degradation.

Free access in parks and their roads should be unrestricted for responsible people in appropriate conditions.

Significant tax concessions should apply to people who purchase environmentally friendly equipment, such as water saving devices.

Land buybacks should be avoided. Instead landholders should be educated in the importance of their heritage and be encouraged to look after it. This would save enormous sums of money in buybacks and manpower to manage parks. Farmers could develop eco-tourism to encourage them to save ecosystems.

Unnecessary cuts

Many government cuts are threatening service, industries and towns already in plight. Instead of cuts, encouragement, new ideas and alternative industries need to be cultivated.

Cuts to good media can only be detrimental to the country, as they will restrict valuable information from reaching our community. Restricting information about the country and world would make many potential investors or tourists unaware. This could greatly effect the economy as industries such as product development, tourism, and export industries rely on extensive communications. Many industries and services essential to the country need information currently provided by reliable media.
It may also help struggling people and businesses have their voices heard. This freedom of speech maintains democracy. Without it people's rights will be taken away and government support will wane.

More services are needed to inform the public of important matters that effect everyone. This is especially needed for areas which need research and effect industry. One example would be more detailed weather information, and remote sky cameras which the public could access via television or internet.

Urgent action is needed to help save our country and the world. Please contact with any opinions, as we welcome new policies, and are prepared to negotiate or change existing ones.

The only way to form an effective action campaign is to inform as many people as possible. It will be time well spent, as even the present conditions make success very unlikely. Unless things improve you may never be rewarded for your efforts, no matter how hard you work, all due to the crippling and deteriorating economic climate. Positive returns from business, apprenticeships and university degrees are becoming less likely. Its up to you to care about and change the situation for the better. People power make a difference.

More policies are being developed. Existing ones could be amended or abolished in this draft to suit the public. Please contact me with your opinion, and any more policy suggestions.

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