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A Better System With New Ideas to Help the Country

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I read this interesting letter with solutions. It is well worth reading.


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I am wondering what you think about these new ideas to restore democracy and prosperity. They should dramatically increase the chances of the candidates you support being elected. They include unique solutions and policies that I have not seen elsewhere. I am happy to change anything based on your recommendations, if it is to our benefit.

An alliance of candidates that agree on many good core issues could be formed, where candidates could still remain independent or in their party and keep their own policies in order to serve their own electorate. People could work together and focus on what they agree on, even if some of their policies differ.

An alliance would have more chance than many independents or minor parties of finding media support and sponsors, especially if the alliance promotes good core policies that candidates would agree on. This would enable widespread advertising.

A wide variety of exciting solutions and win-win policies is needed to convince the multitude of voters whose support would be needed for the alliance to politically threaten the government. Many of these policies that people do not often think of are listed at http://advantagein.com/politics/

The best way politically to block the bad legislation and lobby for good legislation is to have many quality candidates elected with the balance of power.

A survey would help candidates see what policies the public want. These policies would increase the chances of candidates being elected. I could email the survey to you.

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I also have printer friendly versions. Please give me feedback on these suggestions and any ideas that you may have that could encourage more people to read and share this letter. Please email eps@truesolutions.info and see the website at http://advantagein.com/politics/ .

I have community groups and rare information to help people at http://truesolutions.info. It will be appreciated if you can sponsor or distribute the information. Could you swap links or share any letters that I send you?
There are many totally separate groups and new ideas to:
* help inventors * Search for and research suppressed inventions * Many inventions with huge advantages are listed including ones to save water.
* observe and study the weather.
* test your memory. What will improve your memory?
* search for people who can produce the evidence that they are led by God and that their prayers make a noticeable difference. They could help us and lead us to the truth.
* reveal true conspiracies and solutions on how to avoid them. A plan for a better system.

* Please send this letter to targeted people only and do not spam.

Your help would be appreciated,
Regards Richard Hole


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