Important Survey to Help Australia

I can email you the survey to simply send to others. Alternatively, you can copy and paste the survey letter and questions into a blank email and send it with the subject of “Survey to help Australia.”  It will probably gain more response if you write a short note above it stating something like “Hi, I received an interesting letter below that is well worth reading. Regards . . ..”

The survey can also be printed out on one sheet of paper by clicking here.

To view the survey click here.   I can make changes if you prefer.

To copy and paste it into your email message press Ctrl+A to highlight the text and Ctrl+C to copy.

Please ensure you have also read the policy summary at

  For more information please contact:
Richard Hole, 9 Leonard St, Tolga 4882
Ph 07 4095 5447 or 07 4095 4354.
Click here for email address.
  I am happy to negotiate changes.

Please inform me of any methods which you plan to promote the information, or what suggestions you may have.

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