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New Reciprocal links idea and network to encourage sending each other traffic

It is known that swapping links with sites that are related to yours, is a good free way to generate traffic. Reciprocal links can give more traffic than the major search engines as proven at

The links to other sites can go directly on to the page you want to promote, or you can make a special page for them, which you can link to your site. A good idea is to reward the people who link to you, if they send you considerable traffic. One example is a new targeted reciprocal links network at , where the more traffic someone sends it, the more it tries to give in return. This site works on a system where the sites linked to it are rated depending on how much traffic they send the reciprocal links network. Sites that send the most traffic will be placed at the top of the list within their very specific category. If anyone linking to the site sends enough traffic, additional links of theirs can be added to other targeted sites as well.

This will encourage sites to place a link to the reciprocal links network in a prominent high traffic area on their site, so that they will get traffic in return.

A good way to help people is to offer to give them a link if they give you any free assistance. Many of the sites linked to this reciprocal links network gave good assistance, even though they have no link in return. If they linked as well, they would obtain a higher rank.

One good way to get people to your site is to write to sites that are related to yours, offer to swap links, and reward them depending on how much traffic they send you.

You could send them a letter like the ones below. You could also add the information on the end of letters you send people for other reasons. If they have an ezine, you can encourage them to place your ad or article in return for a link on your site.

If anyone has has any other suggestions or ideas, please let me know by emailing me through the website.

Please let me know what you think of the below letters requesting reciprocal links which are also at along with this article if you can't fit them in your newsletter.

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Letter 1 is targeted to small business sites

I have seen your site and am interested in any of two different things below regarding swapping links & a Lobby Group for small business.

1.  I am interested in swapping links with you as I have have related, but not competing
sites at
So that we can help each others traffic I can even place your link on my
main pages. I have heard that reciprocal links can give more traffic than the
major search engines.

2.  Please inform me if you can place the article at anywhere to help
support and lobby for small business. I also have a
press release for my inventions and reciprocal links network. Shorter ones are available.

Please contact me for more information.

Your help is appreciated,
Regards Richard.

Letter 2 is targeted towards hiking and adventure related sites


I have seen your interesting site and I am interested in hiking and adventure as well. Therefore I am interested in either of the three options below.

1. I would like to swap links with you as I have closely relating, but not competing sites, which are described below this letter. We can help each other's traffic and I can even place your link on my main pages. I have heard that reciprocal links can give more traffic than the major search engines.

2. I have some ideas on helping your visitors to enjoy and want to do their hiking and tours more with you, by informing them of revolutionary adventure products, to give them the equipment they need described below.

3. Do you have a newsletter that I can run an article or press release in?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Your help is appreciated,
Regards Richard.

Revolutionary Quality Inventions Including:

1. Temperature controlling featherlight tents - Worlds lightest!

2. Cool Air cushion frame for either Back Packs, baby carriers, seats, cars & more!

3. Thermal super-light emergency/adventure/survival suits!

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Letter 3 is targeted towards Christian sites


I have seen your Christian site and am interested in two differen things.

1. Swapping links with you as I have similar Christian sites listed below this letter, so that we can help each others traffic. I can even place your link on my main pages. If you don't agree with any sites I can set it up so that people won't be able to access that site(s) from your link.

2. Placing an article in your newsletter. My articles are listed on my sites.  Please contact me for more information. Shorter articles are also available.

Your opinions are welcome.

Your help is appreciated
Regards Richard

Please see the 6 different sites below.
1. Help people turn to God by answering questions in a Christian forum!

2. End time bible prophecies. Detailed easy reading summary!

3. Conspiracies & startling facts! Have we all been deceived & robbed!

4. Revolutionary Rapid Bible indexer finds verse in 4 seconds. Simple + Faster study

5. Most Christians are Deceived & In Danger by deceptions and false Christianity!
6. Many amazing links + much more!


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