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Temperature Controlling Featherlight Tents
Revolutionary!   World's lightest tents

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 tents and outdoor, adventure,  recreation products
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The two below photos show the 1 to 2 person while the larger 2 to 3 is
shown further down the page.
light tents
Possibly the worlds lightest series of tents!
A revolutionary new concept in lightweight tents. Unlike existing tents, the New Temperature Controlling Featherlight Tents employ the principles of air entrapment to keep the occupants warm in cool conditions, while permitting excellent ventilation to the head region. In warm weather, the tents can be completely ventilated to enable cooling. They are fully water and insect proof and very wind resistant.

tents and outdoor camping products

Additional Facts:

Range of sizes and models available including 1-2 (Pictured above), 2-3 (pictured below) and 3-4 persons.
Larger sizes available on request.

 for hammocks Easily fits in or around different sized hammocks

 for travelling or safaris Spacious – tents remain well clear of all your body.

 saves sleeping bags Saves buying and carrying expensive, heavy sleeping bags & coats

quality recreation products Made from quality materials. - Durable and reliable.

Ideal for Backpackers, Bikers, Hikers, Mountain climbers, Campers, …anyone!

Patent Application No. 63548/98
two to three person tents
tents for 2 to 3 people


 lightest tents and pegs Other brands of tents are not very light because they are tall and contain waste space. Their larger surface area means that they can be blown about by the wind. Therefore, they must be extra strong and heavy. As a result, they need to be anchored securely with heavy pegs. This takes time. Many tents are not water proof and extra flies are required. Generally tents are not designed to retain heat, therefore heavy sleeping gear is required.

 compact, light tents These problems are overcome by the New Temperature Controlling Featherlight Tents which are especially designed to fold up light and compact, yet still allow you to store gear inside within a pantry. Opening the top zip allows you to sit up and exit easily. As these New Temperature Controlling Featherlight Tents are small, wind hardly effects them, therefore small pegs, if any, are required and only light material is needed. Such low tents mean easy access around the campsite, as you can easily step around or even over the tents from one side to the other. A small size means that they can easily sit between trees, roots and rocks and can be used in a hammock. Poles are provided. However, they are often not needed because sticks or trees can be used. This will reduce the weight even further. Waterproof material is used. Unlike other tents, these tents are used to retain heat around your body only when needed, yet give you good ventilation.


The first diagram below shows how the tents remove wind chill by trapping a greenhouse like chamber of warm air released by your body. There is a flap or dividing curtain between your head and body. This prevents cold air from the top opening reaching your body, which is sealed in a chamber. Your head is outside the chamber, therefore you will breathe fresh air that is flowing through the top opening. The bottom flap is zipped shut.

warm tents

The 2nd diagram below shows how the air will flow when you want to cool your entire body. You can simply unzip the bottom flap to allow air through the bottom opening. Simply unzipping and tying back the dividing curtain can enhance the cooling effect.

cool tents

Exit is simple through the tent's roof, opened up by unzipping a long zip.

Gear can be stored in a unique pantry protruding from the side of the tent. The opening is on the inside of the tent.

The New Temperature Controlling Featherlight Tents are also waterproof and insect proof with net at each opening. Additional features include rainhoods and string shorteners.

The below diagram shows the end view of single person tent. The strings supporting the sides are not shown.

 tent end section

The below diagram shows how the tent looks when it is erected.

 tent end section

The following 3 diagrams show how the tent can be folded. It is not that critical how it is folded. However, I have found the best way is to remove the tent poles and pegs and leave the base where it is so that the top section of the tent rests on top of the base as shown in figure 1. Then you can fold the tent lengthwise so that the width is one third of its original size as shown in figure 2. Starting from the top end of the tent near the pantry, you can then roll it up into a neat roll as shown in figure 3.

 tent end section

Please note that all the above diagrams are not to scale.


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