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A New Start

     A new alliance that does not make the mistakes of the past parties and focuses on a more diverse range of exciting ideas will have much more chance of succeeding. There are simple, new innovative solutions to overcome the past problems and gain support.
      It is important to highlight the mistakes that previous groups have made so a new group will not make them. A positive emphasis that the new group or alliance is aware of, and has learnt from previous party's mistakes, and is determined not to make further mistakes, would convince the public that this alliance will be different to the others. This would result in more members and votes. If this is not stated the public will think it is just another ignorant party that will make the same mistakes and has not learnt anything.
      Some minor parties, candidates or organizations support many good issues, but have had their names damaged by mistakes that they have made. The problem with maintaining these existing parties, candidates or organizations is that these perceptions will remain in the minds of people, even if the past errors are corrected. This will deter many people from joining or voting for them. People think that all the minor parties up until now have failed and are like dead horses. Therefore, people believe that they are wasting their time supporting them. Many people vote on issues that the current minor parties don't focus on. Therefore, people with certain interests feel left out and not supported by these parties.

Past Mistakes and the Solutions

     Below are some of the mistakes minor parties have made in the past. The new alliance would need to clarify these issues early so that bad perceptions won't be developed. This would be especially important if some current leaders who gave the wrong perception in the past became involved. I am not saying that the untactful statements were not true. It is just that the way they came across gave people the wrong perception, because the statements were not clarified properly or were tactful.

Example 1

Untactful Statements:
     Australia is in danger of being swamped by Asians. These people do not belong here. We do not support more immigration.

     The party, candidate or organization is racist.

Solution and clarifying statement:
     We support immigration on the condition that the immigrants will benefit the country and adopt an Australian, Christian based culture. Quality skilled people could be found in any country. Immigration is beneficial to the country if it is properly regulated and targeted to rural areas. Quality immigrants would kick start the economy in rural areas, and provide many more services and industries. This would provide many more jobs for Australians. Currently a lack of people and talent is a major problem in such areas.

Example 2

      In this second example, it is important to remember that a huge number of people vote mainly on environmental issues. The below example of the untactful statements can be used, so long as the public are made aware of the clarification.

     We support farmers and need more dams. We oppose the tree clearing laws. We support the timber and fishing industry.

     The party, candidate or organization is anti conservation and supports the destruction of pristine wilderness.

Solution and clarifying statement:
     We support conservation and believe we would protect the environment in better ways than is currently done. Technology to save energy and water does exist, but is not supported currently. This would reduce wasteful irrigation and the need for much tree clearing. The current tree clearing laws are not about protecting pristine wilderness, because most of the vegetation is poor quality regrowth on land that has recently been cleared. A lot of the regrowth contains weeds that the law prevents you from clearing. This law is a bit like banning people from mowing or weeding their garden.
      Under our proposals of innovative technology little if any virgin forest would need to be cleared. More dams are needed, but the water saving technology we propose would mean less expensive dams would need to be built than people think. Small farmers should be supported and remain on the land with incentives and technology to preserve the environment that would not restrict their rights to generate produce. Debt relief and interest free loans are needed for responsible farmers. This would give them more funds and time to conserve the environment. Primary producers would then be a net benefit for the environment, because they will be motivated to plant trees and manage the land. If the farmers are forced to leave the land, it will become mis-managed and overtaken by weeds and feral animals, which will harm the environment.
      More plantation timber, fish spawning, fish farming and environmentally friendly farming is needed to preserve natural habitats. This would enable the fishing, logging and other industries to continue without harming the environment. We need to maintain industries such as these. More research is needed to replenish natural resources.

Example 3

      We oppose free trade, globalization, foreign investment and foreign aid.

      They are anti trade which is bad for jobs and foreign relations.

Solution and clarifying statement:
      The above statement is good, but should be clarified by the below explanation to avoid media criticism.
      Importing products that we cannot produce economically is fine. However, every effort should be made so that we can produce them economically. A problem with free trade is it involves importing products that can be produced locally and at good quality. It also favors large, wealthy, corrupt, powerful, corporations, that have an unfair financial advantage. These corporations produce poor quality goods and exploit people.
      Many people are deceived that secular foreign aid and free trade helps poor people in third world countries. However, most of the money does not reach those in need. Instead it is wasted or used by corrupt corporations and governments for harmful purposes such as fighting wars. A better way to help the poor people is to give money to reliable Christian organizations that help the needy. Foreign investment involves selling the country out to large corrupt corporations. We welcome any good honest companies investing in and helping local industries. Every effort should be made to locate honest and fair investors from overseas, if none can be found locally. Small local companies should be helped to trade more overseas.

Other Mistakes

     Other mistakes offending people include tainting everyone with the same brush because not everyone is the same. For example, there are good people in every country and race. Saying that any particular country or race is bad will offend those good people and the people who know them. If particular people are targeted and their corruption exposed it is important to clarify that it is not because of their race. Only a small percentage of people have an unfair amount of wealth and power to incite violence. It is this power and corruption that is the problem and not their race.
      Idolizing a leader is another mistake. If this is done you will lose support from a lot of people such as true Christians who do not believe in this.
      Inappropriate direction of preferences has also caused division and a perception that people support the mainstream parties if their party directs preferences to them.
      Standing candidates against quality independents who have not yet joined the alliance is another mistake. This would upset the quality independents and mean that they would be less likely to join the alliance.


     There are many good independents. However, new independent candidates are seldom elected unless they: 1. Are well known; 2. Are a good leader; 3. Clearly spell out what policies they stand for; 4. Support what their electorate wants.
      However, they would have much more chance if they could unite and form a new alliance. Candidates could then work together and promote the alliance policies. That way people would vote for the alliance candidate even if they do not know them, because they will be voting for the alliance and they will know the candidate should support the policies of the alliance. In an alliance only one very good leader would be needed. For unaligned independent candidates to be elected a good leader would have to be formed in each electorate. This would be much harder to do.

The Existing Parties

     Many people are reluctant to let go of a dead horse and are not aware enough of public perceptions. It is logical that if something is not working now and if nothing is done about it, it will not work in the future. If you are a member of an existing party or independent, it is important that you do a survey to find why people did not vote for your party or candidate. I believe that most people will echo something similar to some of the things that are stated in this article. If you do not agree with this article, please do a survey and find out if people support these suggestions. Also ask people why they did not support your existing party or candidate. Please ensure that you have the survey form and complete it. It can also be done online at advantagein.com/politics/survey.htm

A New Alliance

     Members or candidates under the new alliance could be free to disagree and vote against certain policies of the alliance. Instead of going independent, a candidate who disagrees with some issues of the alliance could still be under the alliance and state on their how to vote card what policies they do differ on. That way the public will at least know that the unknown candidate supports most issues of the alliance and is part of it.
      A catchy name is needed to get people interested. A suggestion would be the Solutions Alliance. An organized campaign is needed in every seat, with members doing door knocks and giving householders a leaflet. Street stalls, shows and markets may be the most efficient way. Some members would need to put letters or press releases in the paper and address the media. Sponsors would be needed and members would need to write to potential sponsors so that funding can be raised. It would not be good to charge every member of the alliance a fee, because some people are not well off and this could deter them from joining. The issues that make the new alliance different to previous parties need to be boldly stated. Regular public meetings should be held, so that public feedback and support can be maintained.
      Expanding an existing party whose name has not been tarnished could be possible. However, people would be more likely to be interested in something that is newly launched. This is because they may think an existing party that has not grown rapidly yet or adopted exciting policies so far, may never take off.
      A strong stance against corruption is needed. Opposing and exposing corruption would need to be a major policy. Any members that show signs of corruption should be stood down unless they apologized, showed remorse and were very committed to changing. Good and honest leadership is needed.
     People experienced at observing past patterns of corruption should be appointed to watch for trends of any corruption. Reliable evidence and a party referendum should be used to expel any member. Rumours should not be circulated until there is adequate proof and a review by the appointed investigators.
     If a new and honest alliance with great ideas is promoted people would be excited about joining and leaders would be found. This is so long as it follows these recommendations which include a wider range of innovative policies, not repeating past mistakes, clarifying false perceptions and surveying people for feedback. Please ensure that you have also read the policy summary on a single sheet of paper or at advantagein.com/politics/

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