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Christian or Prophecy

My Sites

christian  * True Christianity *
* Suppressed truths vital to know which are not taught at church.
* Solutions. * Answers. * A better system. * Ways to bring revival.
* Prophecy. * Widespread deceptions.
* Who is supernaturally led by God like the apostles. * How can we be led by God?

christian forum Christian forum with challenging questions and answers. You can help people turn to God

Other People's Sites
I have not as yet explored all these sites fully and I am not sure of some of their views. It has to be noted that some things which are not clearly stated in the Bible will create different views for different scholars.

The Prophetic Ministry of Stephen W. Morris
2 Referrals for July 2007.

Bible Prophecy: The Ultimate Deception
Details incredible, earth-shaking Bible prophecies poised to be fulfilled at the dawning of the new millennium.... this year.... before the Rapture!
1 Referral for July 2007.

Gospel Hall Directory for Australia:
Directory to many Gospel Halls and Christian Assemblies in Australia, Links to useful Christian Sites and some good Bible Notes.
1 Referral for July 2007.
Here is a group that is actually doing it... living by faith, working for God and not for money, and circling the world with God's message of love as a result. It really works. Check them out and learn how you can do it too at
1 Referral for July 2007.

Truth about 666, the beast and seal of the beast:
1 Referral for July 2007.


Jesus is coming soon ministries:

Ordained Minister preaching the word of God through song.:

Christian Church Directory

Biblical Proof:

Links to Prisoner of conscience:

Christian religious Site - Deception warning & Articles:
“Shedding Light” falls mainly into the religious category, albeit in a broad sense, i.e. the cultural, social, economical as well as political side are all included. It is totally non-profit & non-commercial. Shedding Light’s aim is to shed light in our ill-informed society on a wide spectrum of people’s lives, and in particular, where ignorance of the real facts of life is still predominant.

A CHILD NEEDS YOUR HELP - Victory Mission Childhelp Sierra Leone aims to assist needy children, their families and communities in developing countries to achieve better lives.

gradebook - Notice to all christian school teachers: 1st Class Grade Book grading software is donated free of charge to all christian school teachers. Please visit our website and get your free copy. Email us to get a free unlock key.


Christian Reciprocal Links and Banner Exchange

Christian Web Hosting
Truepath Christian Web Hosting provides reliable and easy-to-use web hosting in a Christian-centered environment.

Religion and spirituality directory.

Dreams and visions.

Awesome Christian Family Bookstore.
Christian Books, Music and Movies for the Family, including Spanish Christian Books and Veggie Tales. Hugh Discounts!

** At you will find an inspirational selection of FREE spiritual and christian music greetings and ecards, covering a wide spectrum of events, occasions and themes.

Home of 4.9¢ Christian Long Distance!

Documented Miracles & Prayer

Unique Christian and Western Gifts and Services
At Very Reasonable Prices.

Bible Prophecy and other information to help you.

Wholeness. Download free books. Subscribe to a free weekly email Bible study. Free antivirus software. Free Internet virus scan. Read important articles on line. Click here

Sports World, Inc. - Sending professional athletes to share personal life experiences with students helping them to recognize the consequences choices while challenging them with the message of Hope.


The Last Trump

Iraq in Bible Prophecy

Darkness to Light: Explaining and Defending the Christian Faith


My Sites

Summary of many conspiracies & startling unknowen facts you need to know for your livelihood to survive!
Also have we all been conned into making money so it can be stolen from us, & so we are distracted from the truth!
Truths not many know but need to!

Other People's Sites

Illuminati Media Archives
New Site. 11 for Jul 07.

If you're interested in conspiracies past and present, visit, the homepage for the new novel PARANOIA from Salvo Press, which is based on information about the Illuminati and other conspiracies. Also includes links to great sites such as, archival information on government conspiracies, message boards and more. Click now for more info!
36 Referrals for July 2007. - Award winning UFO site with photographs, Roswell, Area51, crop circles, abductions and more.
5 Referrals for July 2007.

Alien - Explore and Explain the Alien/UFO Enigma!
1 Referrals for July 2007.

The Great Debt Scam
1 Referral for July 2007.

Cryptic Conspiracies.
The source for paranormal news and information. We research and discuss many topics, from UFO's, Aliens, Cryptozoology,Ghosts, Psychic phenomena and Earth Changes to Science, Ancient History and Current World Events.

Canadian corruption, Sexual Abuse, Political and Legal Conspiracy. R.C.M.P. incompetence and Cover up. Priors of Grand Bank NL. Canada.

Corporate Secrets

Conspiracies, hidden & suppressed information


My Sites

Lobby group with country's solutions
Survey to see what people want.

Other People's Sites

Sustainability Party of Australia.:
New Site.

Dare To Dream Network :
When Dreams Die, So Goes Greatness.
3 Referrals for July 2007.

Chat with fellow political enthusiasts:
Political discussion newsgroups - including alt.politics.republicans, alt.politics.democrats and more.

National Interest Newspaper's website :

 Website Promotion

My Sites

traffic Top sites to give you traffic. - Promote your website.
classified ad network Reach millions ad network for free - Get your message to many without spam simply by displaying 7 ads on your site including your own.
banner network Reach millions banner network for free - Get your message to many without spam simply by displaying 7 banners on your site including your own.
marketing Marketing questions - What is the best way to get website traffic and who should you deal with? You can place and answer questions.

Other People's Sites You can earn commissions by referring people to other web sites. This directory gives you hundreds of programs to choose from.
3 Referrals for July 2007.

Search Engine Optimisation Consultants. Ranking, Positioning, Web Site Promotion plus Directory Placement Services from the Experts!  

Search Engine Optimization Company - Top Placement:
Utilizing search engine optimization research and technology for top search engine placement.

Link Builders:
Over 1000 sites ready to swap links with qualified sites.

Promotion Index

Cheap Web Hosting - Cheap Web Site Hosting provides discount website hosting plans from $3 a Month.

Search Engine Submission & Optimization Service
- Offers affordable search engine optimization & submission service.


My Sites

 Unique Inventions: tents, rapid information finders, weather instruments, irrigation sensors, and much more.
Inventor's Society

Other People's Sites

The Water Engine
Water powered cars, suppressed inventions, conspiracies

9 Referrals for July 2007.

Ideas by Creativity Pool - A free pool of global innovation and future inventions. People can search the database for creative inspiration, or donate new ideas and be rewarded.
1 Referral for July 2007.

Eseli.Com provides a place where inventors can market their invention ideas and attract investors for their inventions.

Good help. 1 Referral for July 2007.

Inventors Publishing
it’s important not to randomly select a patent lawyer for invention protection. Rather, you need to find one that has strong references and a high success rate of patenting inventions.

Inventors' Publishing & Research is one of the most successful firms for marketing your inventions and patent and getting your product into the marketing. is a free database of over 1100 ideas--any kind of ideas, as long as they may be useful to someone, sometime.


My Sites

 Weather Organisation:
* Archives of High Quality Detailed Graphs and Tables that are Easy to Read.
* Based in Tolga, near Cairns in Australia. Worldwide Links
* Local Observations Reset at 9 AM which Compares to the BOM.
* New Inventions, Instruments and Ideas to Create an Improved Weather Network.
* Links to many sites with Rare Information.

Other People's Sites

Geelong Weather Services
New Site.

Perth Weather Centre
New Site.

Australian Severe Weather
Australia's largest archive or quality severe weather stills and video footage.

New Site.

 Shopping or other

My Sites

Temperature controlling featherlight tents
Cool air backpacks frame or back cooling cushion
Rapid Bible tab indexer finds verse in 4 seconds
Rapid alphabet tab indexer finds info in seconds
Improved soap holder
Water saving irrigation sensor
Babies/parents air cooling cushion for back carrier
Thermal super-light emergency/adventure/survival suits
Wind distribution recorder (weather instrument)
Horizontal pointer and spirit level
Air cooling back rest - better then a cushion

Other People's Sites

Buzan Memory & How It Works:
8 Referrals for July 2007.

Christianity Greetings,Christianity Ecards From Christianity Greetings.Com .
-Free Christianity Greetings cards.

1 Referral for July 2007.

Jewish Circumcision
Brit Yosef Yitzchak has a superbly trained staff of surgeon Mohalim who are trained to perform proper Jewish circumcision surgery which is safe and halachically correct.

New Site.

Depression Treatment

Chemical Industry
Chemical Industry Information directory serving information about various chemicals, chemical manufacturer, chemical supplier, chemical exporters and chemical importers information. - Discount Lodging
Browse over 40,000 hotels and motels worldwide. Find your next hotel with

Business Industry
-Business Industry Complete Industrial Equipment Information equipment heavy equipment used machines tools suppliers, Alternative Energy, Turbines, Bearing, Hydraulic, Heat Exchangers, Gears & Gear Boxes, Industrial Boilers, Industrial Vibrators, Manufacturers, Distributors Information Directory.

Link to all 157 of our sites and you will receive a link back from all 157 of our websites.
This can make your pages more highly ranked in the search engines.

Pressure Transducer, Proximity Sensor and Flow Sensors
Pressure Transducer and Proximity Sensor - Machine Design offers engineers information they need for a pressure transducer, proximity sensor, pressure sensor or flow sensors.

Micro Switch, Toggle Switch and Pressure Switch
Toggle Switches and Pressure Switches - Machine Design offers engineers information they need for any micro switch, toggle switch or pressure switch.

Granada Hotel hotel reservation business hotels in Granada Spain
Cheap hotel in Granada Spain, Spain hotel, the best accommodation in Granada

Warsaw Hotels, Hotel in Warsaw Poland
Hotel in Warsaw, Great choice of hotels and apartments

Offshore banking, offshore account, offshore company incorporation
Get an offshore banking and an offshore account, offshore company and offshore bank account

Healing Energy Products:

Graphics Art - Web Design - Website Marketing Services:

Art Gallery by ImageLair:

Las Vegas Entertainer - Barbara Costello - Gallery:

Church Pews, Pew Cushions, Church Chairs, Pew Refinishing and Church Renovation by Artech – :
Specializing in the Restoration and Renovation of Churches, Church Pews, Chairs and Furniture. We carry new pews, restore old pews and perform Church Painting as well.

Gatton and Lockyer Valley Real Estate For Sale:
Properties for sale in South East Queensland - Lockyer Valley - Gatton Area

Clouser Farm Enterprises :
A farm family business in Pennsylvania that manufactures and sells portable band sawmills, produces a monthly newspaper, addresses technical issues in alternative energy production, and promotes an affiliate membership and a number of ebooks for website development.

The Bobber With A Brain - World's only 10 Function Bobber! :
Huge Site on the BOBBER WITH A BRAIN! All Year around, Worlds' only 10 function bobber no other fishing bobber can do, and STATIONARY in the water. See the many fish caught and learn the fishing tips from the inventor. PayPal and Merchant America shopping!

Trees 'n' Turf news:
Trees 'n' Turf news publication by Clouser Farm: Information media for persons involved in land use industries and activities. Monthly distribution in central Pennsylvania.

Caribbean Style ( Custom crochet swimwear handcrafted to suit your style and personal choices. You'll also find handcrafted sea shell jewelry suitable for males/females along with a variety of other useful information.

Truth Seeker TV:
hosted by Jimi Petulla, this is an all new Reality Show that dares to go where other shows fear to tread.

All Camping:
Your single online source for a world of camping information.

Forex Trading Systems:
After testing 27 FOREX trading systems we reveal the best one.
Where Else Would You Go4Gifts?

Free email, links to free stuff and much more

Merlin Telephone System. provides you with parts, upgrades, programming, maintenance and support for new and existing Telephone Systems.

X10 Home Automation
Smart Homes are Safe Homes! DIY Smart Home Products, Systems & Support for Home Owners World Wide.

Sport Videos
Our company provides coaches and athletes with a wide variety of new and used instructional videos and DVDs.

Florence Hotels Florence hotels online Reservation. All available hotels in Florence, Italy with seasonal Promotional Rates. Easy to find hotel by Points of Interest.
Amsterdam Hotels
Amsterdam hotel Reservation. Discount Hotels and on line booking.
Barcelona Hotels
Reservation and discounts in Spain, cheap, budget and luxury Barcelona hotels.
Paris Hotels
Accommodation in Paris hotels. On line hotel reservation service.


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