Reciprocal Links Network Terms

To be listed on my links page it is expected that you at least read some of my webpages. People who make beneficial comments, suggestions and even corrections will probably be given a higher rating.

Please don't submit my webpages to search engines or promote them through spam. These things can damage both of our websites and legal action may follow. My websites are already listed with the search engines and it is not good to resubmit them to some engines.

Up until now I have also listed sites that are unrelated to my sites at In future I will not be adding any more unrelated sites unless they first send me significant traffic or help me significantly. This is because I manually update this network and too many unrelated sites will take the focus away from the related sites. Unrelated sites mostly don't give much traffic. Unrelated sites which I prefer not to link to any more include ones with luxury hotels, gifts, money making schemes, most website promotion etc. If you have unrelated sites like these you are welcome to link to my site but I probably will not get time to link to yours unless you can prove you will send me a lot of traffic. To achieve this you would need to place my link on a high traffic page and have a category similar to mine. Also you should not have too many links on the one page. Please first read to see if your site is similar to mine. Your site would need to relate to subjects such as conspiracies; Christianity; inventions; practical science and discovery; water saving; lobby groups; inventors societies; weather; memory tests; places in North Queensland, Australia; or any of the products contained in my inventions.

It is unlikely sites will be listed if they give too much emphasis on money, luxury, non practical and unnecessary things. Money is not the most important thing in life and it turns people off. You can provide useful goods and services without glorifying money.

I have the right not to list any site that I choose not to list even if the person places an acceptable link to my sites which generate substantial traffic. Adult sites will not be accepted along with ones which promote spam or unchristian subjects.

If you significantly change the content of your site so that it no longer meets these terms and conditions please let me know. I take no responsibility for anyone else's sites nor do I necessarily endorse any of their content.

If you agree to the terms I plan to link your site to when I next upload the page. This will probably be done in about a month or two. I will need that time to asses how much traffic you send me so I will know where to rate your link.

If you have read and agreed to the accepted terms please email me a text link briefly describing your site and the URL to link it to. Please also state the URL which you have linked my site to. Please ad one or more of my links which can be found by clicking here.

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