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  We need to stress that the best way politically to get what is best for the country is to have quality candidates and members independent of the mainstream parties with the balance of power. They can block bad legislation, but allow good legislation through, and lobby the government to introduce better legislation, for their continued support.
  Previous parties and groups stood for good agendas, but had policies that attracted media criticism. An example is where the public and media perceive them as racist and anti conservation. These perceptions would be overcome if the activists embraced ways rarely thought of, which both preserve a Christian based culture and allow beneficial or necessary development, yet still support conservation and a method of immigration which would benefit the country. Details are below.
  A new start is needed. Good groups and parties whose names have been damaged should dissolve to form a new united party that eliminates corruption and infighting. The public would need to be assured that past mistakes won’t happen again. Alternatively, an existing small party could be selected if it has not developed any bad, widespread, public perceptions. No tainted name would make it so much easier to gain members.
  Members should help each other, such as by sharing each others information, even if they stated "I do not agree with everything, but it is still well worth reading". Public opinion can then change some member’s views. Many of their ideas still could be used. People should band together and focus on what they unite on.
  Good activists make the mistake of focusing on the same issues so much that they do not get time for other important issues that people would vote on. People already know what core issues they are lobbying for, so more repetition is a waste of time. There would be more chance of the core issues that they desire being achieved if they publicized and supported a wider range of issues which people would want to vote on. This is because quality members would gain the balance of power. An example of other issues candidates should state in their ads are:
  More even wealth distribution and support for the less well off, provided the money is used wisely. Less taxes, fees and charges should apply for them. This would include small businesses, volunteers, carers and pensioners or unemployed people, if they volunteer a good cause.
  Reduce wages and bonuses for the wealthy and close tax loopholes that enable wealthy people to avoid tax.
  In countries where wages are above the world average, lower costs and create better efficiency in the ways described below would be better than higher wages and that will help everyone. In these countries, the cost of wages is too high for struggling small business, and as a result they do not employ many people. In such countries, it would make more sense to reduce costs instead of increasing wages, so that they can become more internationally competitive.
  More support should be given for inventors of useful products which could earn the country many billions of dollars, create many jobs, and solve many problems.
  Support a greater diversity of industries and encourage people to diversify, so that if one industry fails people will have some hope and move on to something else. Give people the impression that one industry such as sugar is not the be all and end all and that even if they do fail with it there are alternatives and hope for people.
  More right should be given for employees to negotiate with employers without union involvement.
  Shorter working hours where they are too long. This would encourage more people to be employed.
  Abolish all taxes that slow productivity and ad costs to goods or services.
  Support conservation instead of the controlling enviro-nazi-ism which the greens are supporting to the disadvantage of many. Encourage landholders to plant trees in appropriate places with the right to clear if necessary. However to win over green voters, encourage innovative land management so clearing of vegetation is minimized as much as possible. Greater incentive and possible tax concessions are needed to educate landholders to develop environmental regeneration programs, which would increase fertility and production.
  National parks that will lock honest non destructive people such horse riders out, are becoming overrun with weeds and feral animals due to a lack of maintenance. Instead of these parks we should encourage small responsible, conservation minded landholders to manage environmentally sensitive areas so they are conserved, and honest people have a right to access them.
  Instead of banning or charging a levy for plastic bags, penalize people who litter more. Encourage more recycling. People should use biodegradable bags but insist there should still be an option of the current bags which are necessary on some occasions to store goods.
  Enable beneficial projects that will do minimum harm to the environment and provide proof how little they will harm the environment.
  Roads in national parks should be open to responsible people, and may be sealed.
  We need more dams, especially as the population grows but to win support from green voters we need to encourage technology that saves water so that less expensive dams would need to be built.
  Instead of banning or restricting industries of value, we should encourage technology such as fish farming, plantation timber and organic farming so that everyone would win.
  Encourage more efficient and environmentally friendly energy. A diverse range of renewable energy could be mandated, not only ethanol. Many efficient energy systems have been suppressed. We need to help innovators more to get these technologies used.
  Give priority and more value to people over wildlife. First seek technology to avoid culling some animals. If none is available there should be a cull if they endanger humans or their industries. Harmful animals need to be culled to reduce their populations if there is an over population. This would also encourage hunters to pay large sums of money, to do this and the money could be used to benefit the country.
  Encourage forgiveness instead of litigation. Cap public liability insurance and restrict what can be claimed. Encourage people to agree not to sue for lower entrance fees at public events. This could easily be done by signing a simple document upon entry.
  Take a greater stance against corruption and non Christian values including gambling and secular activities. Outlaw homosexuality and prostitution by explaining it is not permitted in the Bible.
  Fewer emphases on money and a greater one on sharing, helping people and provid­ing a good product or service. Encourage people to volunteer by saying that if they do volunteer they are a greater benefit to society than a paid worker who does not use their money for a good cause.
  Less duplication, inefficiency and waste especially in the legal system. Abolish unnecessary government departments.
  More referendums on important issues to coincide with elections.
  Encourage people to leave ungodly, unpractical or unhealthy industries and move to better ones. An unhealthy product or industry may continue, but the industry should use their produce for better purposes instead of the current method that harms health. More innovation and value adding to use products for alternative uses.
  Encourage more honest quality Christian immigrants to come into the country and settle in the rural areas so those areas can be stimulated. We need a greater diversity of quality people with more skills. Small business will then be able to find suitable people to work for them, and their chances of success would increase. More jobs will therefore be created for the current population. At the same time we need to preserve or create a Christian culture.
  More incentives are needed for people to have children in under-populated countries.
  More humane treatment is needed for refuges in detention. They should be moved into houses in a special isolated settlement, and made to work hard, providing cheap labor to help community groups and small businesses. This would raise government revenue and help reduce costs to struggling small businesses and the needy. They would be helped to survive, so that more jobs could be provided for local people. It would have to be ensured that the wealthy or larger companies would not be able to access this cheap labor. If the illegal immigrants proved that they have changed to a local, Christian culture, with plans to benefit the country, they could be permitted freedom. If they refused to change, they could remain detained in the settlement to provide a cheap source of labor. This would save the expense of returning them to their homeland. More money would then be available to spend on coastal protection and to prevent unwanted illegal immigrants and prosecute the trafficers. This method would overcome the public perception of racism and the practice of sending people back to their homeland to be tortured. Undesirable people would not mix with and erode our Christian based culture. The above is only a possibility if it is publicly popular.
  A fair and honest justice system that only uses reliable evidence. A fair trial.
  Instead of putting harmless people in prison they should be encouraged to work for a period without pay doing community service or fined if they have money. Offenders of serious crimes such as murder and rape should be given the death penalty unless they repent. For thieves, home detention should be used until they are rehabilitated. They should be made to work hard to repay their victims double of what they took.
  Stop the country borrowing at interest and develop a non profit bank to provide interest free loans to poor people who plan to start a useful project or small business. The cost to help the bank remain running would be aided by borrowers that earn a profit or a high wage after they have repaid their loan. Regulation is needed to stop banks charging fees to the needy.
  Stop aid to corrupt governments who misappropriate it and instead give the money to honest Christian charity groups, that will help the poor.
  There should be tougher laws to prevent fraud, poor service, poor products, tax evasion and dishonesty, and greater protection for honest people.
  More useful education in schools with a greater variety of practical subjects. People should not be forced to study what they are not interested in. It would be more efficient to get them studying something that they are interested in.
  Encourage military training for young people instead of overeducating them with unpractical subjects.
  The right for honest, non violent people to retain firearms.
  Reduce media violence. Stricter regulation to insure the media is independent and honest, and serves the people. More quality educational and informative programs instead of poor quality or fictitious ones. More free publicity for innovative and useful small businesses and projects that help people.
  Either prosecute, or give community service to those that deliberately send untargeted email after being warned.
  Less influence for multinationals and more encouragement to small businesses. Tax incentives to encourage people to invest in honest and useful small businesses instead of multinationals.
  Greater restrictions on the size, pricing and trading hours of multinationals to ensure protection of small businesses.
  Instead of competition we need more fair regulation with a rightfully regulated fair go for everyone. Competition harms small businesses and causes their destruc­tion which will mean a lower diversity of quality goods and services. Similar small businesses should work together and help one another instead of competing. Fair price control would be a good idea and save shoppers a lot of time trying to find the best price and also encour­age people to buy from small businesses.
  We need to overturn the current eco­nomical rationalism such as privatization and free trade that is destroying the county. Lobby against international agreements that give banks and multinationals more control of our sovereignty and assets.
  Only import goods that are locally unavailable, or uneconomical to produce.
  Remove unnecessary government red tape & regulation. Increase fair regulation.
  Maintain a fair floor price for small primary produces to ensure their survival and stop unfair profiteering from retailers and middle men.
  Ensure landholders don't overcharge and make excessive profits from rent.
  Housing for all citizens. Homelessness to be taken more seriously. Allow more land subdivision and affordable housing where needed.
  There is more information and many more innovative ideas including ways to increase road safety. click here.

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